Reasons Why Your Business Needs to Invest in Snickers Workwear

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Reasons Why Your Business Needs to Invest in Snickers Workwear

At Active Workwear, we have generated a wide range of workwear that offers suitability for your specific needs now and in the future. We understand that you require something that is comfortable for your staff in order for them to be productive, hence why we have developed our available range of Snickers Workwear.

Risk assessment

Before you buy workwear, we recommend that you consider how much risk is associated with your working environment - this way you can choose clothing which is reliable and appropriate for your working environment. Have you thought about how much wear and tear your employee’s workwear goes through on a daily basis? You don’t want to pay large amounts for workwear that is only going to last a matter of days. And low-quality workwear also puts staff at risk as loose threads can easily be caught in machinery. But here at Active Workwear we never compromise on the quality of our workwear range, ensuring both the safety and comfort of your staff with our number one selling range being Snickers Workwear. 

One great example of the Snickers Workwear range is the Snickers Hi Vis Vest.

This vest is designed with multi-pockets providing you with convenience when it comes to carrying tools and equipment around the construction site. The vests come in hi-visibility yellow or orange and have reflective bands fitted, ensuring your staff's visibility at all times, be it in a busy manufacturing environment with forklifts and delivery vehicles frequently moving around the site, or out on the roads conducting highway maintenance


The nature of how hazardous the environment is, determine what material for your workwear garment is best suited to your employee’s role. It goes without saying that workers who are comfortable and feel safe, have a better work ethic - allowing them to move freely and sustain the optimum body temperature while remaining safe as they working in busy and hazardous environments. Chose workwear made from lightweight and breathable material is always a great idea.

One great example of such a workwear product is our Snickers Hi Vis Winter Jacket which is a quilt lined waterproof coat ideal for those employees who’s roles requires them to work in cold dark conditions in what is the classic British winter. This range of snicker workwear is also hard-wearing and offers high-visibility, but most of all provides warmth protection through optimal insulation - keeping your team warm, while also being breathable so as not to cause overheating.

Seam Construction

When looking for workwear, you’ll want to consider having seams on the back instead of the front-  this will provide you with extra comfort and protection. The seams of your clothing are key for keeping water out and heat in - hence why we stock the Snickers Waterproof Rain Trousers.

At Active Workwear, these workwear trousers are available, providing complete waterproofing functionality and coated in PU fabric allowing for flexibility, providing, even more, comfort to your workforce. If you’re looking to keep dry and comfortable whilst on the construction site, we suggest you invest in these! The seams are waterproof too - ensuring no water percolates through. In addition to this, the waterproof trousers have an elastic waist and adjustable Velcro ankles - offering convenience for your specific role and making sure you always remain comfortable.

Design and Size

At Active Workwear, we are aware of how important it is to purchase workwear that is effective and long-lasting, that’s why we stock nothing but the best. Our range of workwear ensures a perfect fit and can allow you to move freely to ensure your team can get the job done efficiently!

And the Snickers Workwear range comes in a wide selection of size, starting from XS and going all the way to XXXL. And due to the nature of workwear, our Snickers garments can come in a range of colours to fit your company brand or to meet safety protocols such as our Hi Viz range.


So, there you have it four reasons you should invest in the Snickers Workwear range when it comes to ensuring the safety and comfort of your workforce be it on site or out on the road. Why not click here to browse our full range of Snickers Workwear!

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