Apache Industrial Workwear Range at Active Workwear

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Established in 1998, the Apache Workwear range quickly gained notoriety for the high quality, affordable work clothes and footwear they brought to the market. 

Apache Industrial Workwear Range at Active Workwear 

Indeed, Apache creates an impressive variety of products targeting the safety workwear market – and they are even making a name for themselves in Active Workwear too!  

Why would you choose Apache? What makes this brand so appreciated in the UK? What are some of the main products you can purchase from Apache 

You’re about to find out all of the above and more– so read on! 

Shorts and Trousers  

Wearing comfortable and safe shorts and trousers is very important in a variety of work environments. From carpenters and plumbers to those working on off-shore oil rigs, a wide-range of workers need to make sure their clothes provide them with freedom of movement, versatility, functionality and, most importantly, safety 

Apache shorts and trousers cover a vast spectrum of needs, and they are suitable for industrial workers, construction site workers, and warehouse workers alike.  

Undoubtedly stylish, the Apache workwear shorts and trousers are more than just “good looks, though. Despite a lower price, every single piece branded by Apache is built to withstand the wear and tear that appears when you work in an industrial environment. One of the main reasons these trousers are so durable is their triple-stitched seams. 

Functionality is another important characteristic of the Apache workwear range. With multi-purpose utility pockets that are easy to use and smartly positioned, including knee-pad pockets that are ultra-durable. These trousers are meant to be worn by workers. 


Apache accessories are also quite impressive, just as every other item manufactured by Apache is. For instance, the Apache work belt is built to last and looks great with any of the Apache shorts and trousers too!  


Probably the highlight of the Apache workwear range, their work boots are an excellent choice for those of you looking for the best quality and the best price.  

Apache specially designs every single item in the UK, but their manufacturing happens in the Far East. This allows Apache to sell their products at a lower price without compromising the quality of their workwear and footwear.  

Apache boots are incredibly safe. They can be worn even on the strictest construction sites due to a high-safety rating. These boots are water resistant, oil resistant, and chemical resistant too, which means that they are even safe to wear in environments prone to chemical spillage.  

Comfortable and durable, the Apache boots are created to be worn – and this is as much about their functionality and safety, as it is about their design. The styles covered by the Apache boots are quite generous, allowing pretty much anyone in the market for a new pair of work boots to find something genuinely suitable for their particular needs.  

All in all, the Apache workwear range is more than worth checking out, especially if you want the very best price-to-quality ratio!

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