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On a busy job site, high visibility becomes extremely important. When the dust is flying, or you are working on the side of a road, you need to make sure that everyone knows that you are there. It’s also an important safety consideration that ensures that the foreman can keep track of workers.  

Blaklader Hi-Vis Workwear

Highly reflective safety gear is essential anywhere that high visibility becomes important. The Blaklader Hi-Vis range has been crafted with this in mind. The range includes jackets and trousers that feature bright colours and wide reflective strips.  

You’ll end up sticking out like a sore thumb, but that’s the whole point, isn’t it?  

Hi-Vis Jacket 

Visibility is extremely important, but with a hi-vis jacket, you want something that is also practical. Otherwise, why not just stick to a safety vest? The Blaklader hi-vis jacket range is also extremely practical.  

Take the Blaklader Hi-Vis Wind & Waterproof Long Rain Jacket, for example. It is waterproof and will help to stop the wind getting through to you. It is longer so that more of your body is protected. The company understands that you cannot always choose the weather conditions that you work under. 

The company combines practicality and comfort by ensuring that this product is breathable as well.  

The Blaklader hi-vis winter jacket is another example of comfort and practicality blended together. The jacket will keep you warm in cold and icy conditions and ensure that you stay comfortable and visible when outside.  

With innovative features like pre-bent sleeves and a Napoleon pocket to keep your hands warm, this product is highly comfortable and versatile as well.  

Hi-Vis Work Pants 

The Blaklader hi-vis trouser range is a hard-wearing, expertly crafted range that will help to ensure that your lower body is adequately protected against the elements and also highly visible. Choose the set of Blaklader hi-vis pants that works best for your needs. 

An over-trouser set can only be pulled on as needed and is ideal to keep in the truck for those days when the weather is iffy. They have a roomy fit, are waterproof and wind-proof but still allow your legs to breathe.  

For icier conditions, a set of winter hi-vis pants will give you all the cover you need and provide enough warmth to stop your nether regions from freezing.  

Blaklader’s economy of design means that there are only features that are really useful. They spend their money on ensuring that the seams are strong and sealed instead of trying to wow you with features no one actually uses.  


When it comes to your safety, being highly visible plays a central role. You could choose to wear safety vests over your clothes, but these don’t have much practical value when it comes to protecting your against the wind and weather.  

The high vis work clothing range from Blaklader is designed to protect you against the elements and make you more visible in low light or night time conditions. You can choose from their range of pants, shirts and jackets to ensure that you are warm, cosy and visible at the same time.  

You multitask, don’t you? So why shouldn’t your safety gear?  

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