Delivery Delays - Snickers, Blaklader, Helly Hansen and Projob

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For those who are waiting for order deliveries from Snickers, Blaklader, Helly Hansen or Projob items.



The latest information from our Scandinavian suppliers – Snickers, Helly Hansen, Projob and Blaklader.


Parcels being shipped from the above suppliers Central European Warehouses are facing massive delays due to unforeseen customs issues.


Many deliveries for orders placed just before the Holidays and since will be delayed until W/C 18th January


We, and our Suppliers , appreciate that this will cause some distress, but we do ask for some consideration to be made for having to deal with an issue like Brexit that has never occurred before.


A deal was struck at the 12th hour but the requirements to implement the new stricter rules, that were unclear until the following day at the earliest, are taking longer than anyone could prepare for.


Add to this the recent national CoVid lockdown and this is made even more difficult to implement.


We are posting this now as it will also affect any orders placed at this time so we would prefer to be honest up front to give you the option before proceeding.


For those of you waiting we can assure you YOUR GOODS WILL ARRIVE They are in containers and if there was anything, we at Active Workwear could do we would but we, along with many companies in the UK are, if you can forgive the pun, in the same boat.


Please stay safe and we will update here with any new information

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