5Log Livinguard Masks - a breakthrough face covering mask that destroys viruses

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If not, then it's time we introduce
our 5log Face Mask and its NEW
and PROVEN Swiss technology.


Breathe Easy

5Log Livinguard Masks - a breakthrough face mask that destroys viruses

A mask that effectively destroys >99.9% of SARS-CoV-2

Welcome to Livinguard®’s GROUNDBREAKING
self-disinfecting technology.
Human Coronavirus 229E.

    • Triple layer filter
    • Inner & outer layers are fabrics treated with Livinguard technology, i.e. they are self-disinfecting* and proven to destroy pathogens of all kinds, including >99.99% of the Human Coronavirus 229E (for test results, please contact us) 
    • Inside, a reusable filter that meet the requirements of a N95 grade filter for dust protection and pollution 

5log Packaging

5log Face Masks are made with Livinguard’s® patented technology that empowers textiles with “self-disinfecting” properties, i.e. the ability to destroy germs continuously and safely.*

The Livinguard® technology operates without the use of silver or any other harmful metals and is therefore 100% safe for humans. The technology remains 100% effective for up to 30 washes.

*Livinguard textile has passed tests for “self-disinfecting” textiles according U.S. EPA Protocol and for skin safety according U.S. EPA Health Effects Test Guidelines.
**Provided care instructions are followed.

Disclaimer: This mask does not guarantee the prevention of any infection.


The Livinguard mask gives 5 levels of protection against SARS-CoV-2. With our revolutionary and patented virus inactivation technology, the Livinguard mask protects infinitely better while being 25x cheaper than other masks. It has a lifetime of 6 months, replacing 210 conventional masks.


Outer layer
3 levels of protection*

Our unique patented Tripellent Technology on the Outer layer offers 3 levels of protection:

  1. Livinguard Antiviral and repellent coating on the outside of the fabric***
  2. Livinguard Antiviral Technology bonded into the fabric itself**
  3. Livinguard Antiviral and repellent coating on the inside of the fabric***

* applicable to Livinguard Face Mask Pro and Livinguard Face Mask Ultra
** Tested to destroy >99,9% of SARS-CoV-2
*** Testing ongoing

Middle layer
filters continuously*

Non-woven industry-standard filter channels viruses for destruction to the outer or inner layers. Sandwiched between disinfecting fabrics, it is protected from biological contamination, allowing the mask to be safely washed and reused. 

* applicable to Livinguard Face Mask Pro and Livinguard Face Mask Ultra

5Log Livinguard Masks - a breakthrough face covering mask that destroys viruses


Inner layer
protects comfortably

Denser than the Outer layer, and also treated with Livinguard Antiviral Technology, the fabric provides powerful inactivation of coronavirus.* Quick-drying with low humidity, the soft and stretchy fabric gives a comfortable fit for the mouth and nose. This specially treated fabric has 36 billion positive charges / cm2.

*Tested to destroy >99,9% of SARS-CoV-2

Swiss engineered for failsafe protection

2 levels of Livinguard Technology across the outer and inner layers are each capable of delivering >99,9% inactivation of HSARS-CoV-2 for a combined effect of >99.99%. Another 2 levels of Livinguard Technology are still under testing for the same. This is in addition to the middle layer of industry standard filtration.

All you need to do is breathe easy.

5Log Livinguard Masks - a breakthrough face covering mask that destroys viruses
The mask can be used for extended periods and reused before washing because the fabric covering the filter media continuously destroys microorganisms upon contact. This significantly diminishes the risk of them transferring to you and to other surfaces. The mask is certified to be non-toxic and safe for use.
Effectively destroys >99.9% of SARS-CoV-2.

Coronavirus protection

If filtered, coronavirus survives on the mask for days, with risk of the virus transferring to you, other surfaces, and garbage collectors after disposing. The virus can still infect.
Destroys viruses and bacteria upon contact without leaching poisonous chemicals / metals used in traditional antimicrobial treatments.

Protection from other
viruses and bacteria

If filtered, viruses survive and bacteria multiply on the mask, thereby increasing infection risk.
Filters > 2.5 microns, depending on the type of mask. Please contact your local supplier for more details on mask range.

Filtration performace

Filters > 95% of particles between 0.3 and 2.5 microns.
Performs for 210 uses, based on daily extended use and 30 weekly washes.

Usable life

Single use, works for < 8 hours.
<0.5% waste. No leaching.

Environmental impact

>200x non-biodegradable filters disposed. Poisonous leaching if treated with conventional antimicrobials like silver.

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