Workwear Hoodies and Sweatshirts - Keeping Warm and Professional Whilst on Site

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Regardless as to whether you work indoors or outdoors, maintaining a comfortable body temperature can be vital in ensuring any work done is to the highest possible standard. It also provides a level of motivation for a workforce; being able to stay warm can keep someone active and energetic as they go about their job. No matter what the environment, having a workwear sweatshirt can provide insulation as well as professionalism whilst on site or at work, and below you’ll find some handy benefits of purchasing one for yourself or your employees.

Comfort and Safety

The top priority of any employer, or any employee, should be safety and comfort. A happy and safe worker is a productive worker. According to Health and Safety Executive guidance, if clothing doesn’t provide an adequate amount of insulation, the worker could potentially be at risk from cold injuries, to the extent of hypothermia in some extreme cases. Frequently, accidents can occur if someone’s appendages are cold; it can be harder to grip objects or shivering can lead to mistakes with tools and equipment. Having workwear hoodies or workwear sweatshirts is a great way to regulate body temperature because they can be used if too cold and removed if too warm. What’s more, these hoodies and sweatshirts aren’t only suitable for the workplace, they can also be worn in leisure time at home or whilst out and about enjoying outdoor activities.

Professionalism and Brand

A workwear sweatshirt or workwear hoody can be a great opportunity for your company to maintain a professional uniform standard across your workforce, as well as an advertising opportunity by adding your brand to the clothing. At Active Workwear, we provide men’s workwear sweatshirts and hoodies that are easily customised with the relevant company brand so you can get extra promotion for your company as well as providing an easy identifier of your workforce for your client. A look of professionalism can give your company the cutting edge whilst out and about in the community, and a reminder of your company branding can tell prospective customers that your company is available to them.

A Large Range and Affordable Prices

At Active Workwear we want to supply companies with products that are competitively priced, high quality and durable, so they match the exertions of working life. Our men’s workwear sweatshirts and hoodies provide excellent comfort and insulation to your workers as they go about their jobs. Our prices range from around £6 up to just over £60, depending on what type of product you want to buy and any budgetary constraints you may have. We supply different types of men’s hoodies and sweatshirts, including full-zipped work sweatshirts, multi-pocket hoodies and security sweaters. Our brands include Apache, Blaklader, Click, Russell, Snickers and Yoko; industry leaders in workwear clothing. 

If you want more information on our range, or if you’d like to browse our product selection then click here. As always, if you need any more information, or if you have any questions or requests regarding our workwear hoodies and workwear sweatshirts, then please don’t hesitate to contact us.

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