First Aid

Some accidents are unavoidable; some injuries just can’t be prevented. Though you may try your best to implement full Personal Protection Equipment, safety signs and full training for your employees and co-workers, it can be impossible to stop some accidents from happening. That’s why investing in adequate First Aid supplies is the perfect response to unpredictable injuries in the workplace. Here at Active Workwear, we work tirelessly to ensure all of our First Aid products are fit for task and can prevent minor injuries from becoming more serious. We want to make sure your workforce can keep working for longer, without having to stop their job because of an accident.

Depending on the products you wish to purchase, we supply items either individually or as part of a larger set. We supply First Aid Assorted Fabric Plasters in quantities of 100, both skin-coloured and blue; being able to have blue plasters to use in food preparation areas and in the food industry in general is a great way to safeguard from accidental contamination. One of our more popular products, the Click Large First Aid kit has a variety of contents perfect for any work place, containing burn relief dressings, plasters, eye dressings, small to large sized wound dressings, resuscitation valves, cleansing wipes, microporous tape and foil blankets to name but a few of the products included.

Covering all eventualities means you can quickly dress injuries that arise from random accidents that may occur, regardless of the protections you have previously put in place. If you need more information on the current products we supply, be sure to click their individual links below and, if you need more information on our products, don’t hesitate to contact us directly.