Jackets, Gilets & Fleeces

Here at Active Workwear, we supply a vast range of jackets, gilets and fleeces for you to purchase, either for yourself, your co-workers, or even to keep your young ones’ warm in the chilly months between autumn and spring. We look to provide head to toe protection from the world’s leading brands, all at competitive prices. Ensuring the comfort and warmth of your workforce, particularly if they regularly work outside, is a good way to boost morale, lengthen periods of work and reduce the need for breaks to warm back up. Our products don’t just apply to the workplace either, our fashionable fleeces and coats are perfect for hikes in rural areas or to wear as you go about your day.

We supply a large range of different brands, including Dewalt, B&C, FDM, Grizzly and Fruit of the Loom, meaning you have a lot of choice in terms of style, colour and suitability, depending on what you require. Depending on the product you choose, our prices start at just above £6 up to £128 (exc. VAT), all dependent on what you’re looking for in your Workwear Jackets and Workwear Fleeces. We supply Dewalt Fleeces and Grizzly Fleeces, as well as Workwear Gilets which are all appropriate to be worn in a work environment, as they are durable and can be easily branded by yourselves if necessary.

If you’re looking to maintain the comfort and warmth of yourself or your employees, or if you’re just looking for a durable, warm gilet or jacket for hiking, walking or other outdoor activities, then take a look at our range below. If you can’t find what you’re looking for, or you need more information, don’t hesitate to contact us, we are always more than happy to answer any queries our customers may have!