Safety Signs

On a work site, health and safety hazard signs can be just as important as workers being provided with Personal Protection Equipment. It ensures that everyone on site, or any other work environment, knows the procedures, restrictions and requirements specific locations or equipment may have. Ensuring your work force is fully informed protects you as the employer as well as the employee from any harm. At Active Workwear, we strive to provide top quality products at competitive prices which can help to keep you, you workforce and your company safe from hazard and harm; our range of hazard signage and safety signs, available online, is the perfect way for you to properly safeguard your workplace.

Our product range includes smoking area signs, fire extinguisher signs, prohibition signs and assembly point signs, to name just a few, and our price range can fit any budget and requirements you may have. At Active Workwear, we believe that ensuring adequate protection for yourself and your workforce by implementing health and safety hazard signs shouldn’t put you out of pocket, which is why we make sure our prices remain competitive for your needs. As well as fixed signage, we also supply wet floor warning boards so spillages can be pointed out to workers or your customers on the shop floor or the warehouse.

You’ll find our Safety Signs available below for you to browse; regardless as to what type of hazard signage you’re looking for, we’re sure to have it in stock. If you can’t find what you’re looking for, please contact us as we may be able to supply it to you in the near future. You don’t need to look any where else for safety signs online than right here at Active Workwear.