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Skin Care

When it comes to sanitation and industrial skin care, here at Active Workwear we have the perfect range of products available for construction, industrial and even administrative environments. Being able to proactively care for your skin and the personal hygiene of a workplace can reduce the spread of illness and loss of work hours by reducing the spread of contaminants. What’s more, ensuring that there is a readily available source of industrial skincare on hand means you can give your workforce the opportunity to protect themselves before work, during work or sanitise afterwards, leading to a cleaner and more hygienic workplace.

Our industrial skincare range spans an assortment of various products, prices and brands. Currently, we supply alcohol hand sanitisers, disposable hand wipes, cleanser wipes, lotion soaps and hand conditioners. Our prices range from £4 through to just over £60, all dependent on whether you buy the products in bulk packages or in smaller quantities; our brands include market leaders such as Go-Jo, Purell and Click. We provide our customers with plenty of options and quantities to choose from because we know each business and its needs are different.

Providing stations where employees can correctly sanitise their hands before and after equipment use or if people share work stations can massively reduce the spread of germs and illnesses, ultimately protecting the longevity of the work environment. As well as this, some of our products help to maintain the skin’s natural protective barrier. Our industrial skin care range is perfect for a variety of different uses; be sure to click individual products for more information and specifications, as well as the opportunity to customise product sizes depending on which products you choose to purchase. Look no further than Active Workwear for your industrial skin care needs, where we look to provide head to toe protection for you and your colleagues.