Snickers 6241 Allround Work Stretch Tapered Leg Trousers Holster Pockets



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Incl. VAT: £71.99

Snickers 6241 Allround Work Stretch Tapered Leg Trousers Holster Pockets

These are our current best selling Snickers Trousers- all round 6241 stretch trousers

These are available in a slightly looser fit 6251 

Snickers Workwear goes street smart in these best selling 6241 stretchy work trousers that feature slimmer tapered legs for a clean, technical look.

Stretch Cordura at the knees combined with 4-way stretch at the back to provide great flexibility and comfort.,

    Stretch Cordura at the knees for flexibility, comfort and durability

    Pre-bent, slim-fit legs

    Advanced Knee Guard Pro with expansion pleats, keeping your kneepads in optimum position for superior protection, comfort and durability

    Classic holster pocket and easy-to-access ruler pocket featuring knife fastener
    Tool holder,

    front loops with key holder possibility and classic cargo pocket with attachment for ID badge


    These are also available in a slightly looser fit - Snickers 6251 loose fit stretch


    If you are a first time purchaser of the 6241 trousers we would suggest to go up one size

    Please note that the sizing is different to the old 3 Series trousers and would suggest to go up at least one size  so a 48 in 3 series we would advise a 50 in the 6241.


    The 6241 short leg variant sizes are best described as challenging and we  normally suggest 2 sizes up compared to an old style 3 series. Snicker trouser

    Please note upon receipt: Please do not read the labels inside as these are wrong - they used the same labels as the 3 series inside the 6241.


    Material: 2-way stretch twill 47% cotton, 31% polyester, 22% elastane with 4-way stretch 91,5% polyamide, 8,5% elastane. Reinforced with stretch Cordura 100% polyester and 100% Cordura Polyamide.




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