Beeswift Unvented Anti Scratch and Mist Goggles (Pack of 10) BBNVSG604N Eye Protection Active-Workwear Polycarbonate lens, PVC frame. Comfortable. Lightweight. CAT II Conform to EN166: Optical Class:1, BT - (Medium impact energy at extreme temperatures), 2C-1.2 - UV Filter, Fields of use: 3 Liquid splash, These goggles are treated with Crystal Coat (TM), C-380M is a polysiloxane based thermal cure hardcoat that combines anti-fog performance with abrasion and chemical resistance.

B-Brand Chemical Goggle (Pack Of 20) - Bbcg



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Incl. VAT: £42.00

Polycarbonate lens with PVC frame. , Comfortable. , Lightweight. , Indirect vents. , Conforms to CE EN 166.