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Snickers Electricians Tool Pouch (Leather) - 9785



  • £43.07
    Incl. VAT: £51.68
Incl. VAT: £51.68

Snickers Electricians Tool Pouch (Leather) - 9785

Designed for the electrician. Extremely hardwearing leather tool pouch for your essential tools. Uniquely designed for Snickers Workwear toolbelts.

  • Hardwearing pouch made in thick leather, with double seams and rivets for extra durability
  • Special reinforced compartments and durable Nylon loops for easy access to your screwdrivers, pliers, utility knife and voltmeter
  • Hammer holder in durable rubber plastic, suitable for the Hultafors electricians hammer
  • Knife attachment button suitable for the Hultafors craftsmen  knives
  • Unique solution for easy and reliable attachment on the toolbelt

Sizes: One-size

Material: 100% Leather.