Ear Protection

At Active Workwear, we believe that workers and tradesmen having head to toe protection should be the number one priority for any business or self-employed workman involved in industrial or construction work. According to the Health and Safety Executive, under certain working conditions, it can be the legal requirement of the employer to provide ear protection for their employees, so that they work in a safe environment without harming themselves on the job. That is why we supply only the highest quality Ear Noise Protection for workers to use in a range of different industries and environments.

Currently, we supply a diverse selection of noise reducing and noise cancelling ear protection. Our collection ranges from more simplistic and affordable options, such as our B-Safe Ear Plugs or the Moldex 7800 Corded ear plugs, through to more advanced options, such as headband ear muffs provided by manufacturers such as 3M, Scott or B-Brand. We also supply helmet mounted industrial ear muffs that can be attached to a worker’s helmet comfortably; many of these also supply electronic ear protection, depending on the product you choose. Noise cancelling ear protection can be vital to the long-term safety of a workforce; ensuring your own or your employees’ comfort whilst working is crucial to a job well done.

Our hearing protection plugs, as well as our headband ear muffs, provide sufficient ear protection from industrial and construction noises. We supply these products in small quantities, such as packs of three, or in larger amounts, like packs of ten or twenty; we have a selection that can fit all budgets and all needs. Be sure to contact us for more information should you need it, and you’ll find more specific product information by clicking the links below. If you’re looking to purchase high-quality, affordable and comfortable workwear protection equipment, you don’t need to look anywhere else than Active Workwear.