Underwear & Thermals

Active Workwear underwear and thermals offer you a second skin for that much-needed warmth, essential when working outdoors in the winter months.

Using Merino Wool, our thermal long-sleeved Blaklader tops provide you with the best warmth possible because of the lanolin – a natural, oily wax secreted from the sheep’s skin. For a tighter fit, we also stock the Snickers baselayer/thermal range These not only offer warmth with its insulating fabric but ventilation and protection. For a cheaper option, we also stock Gamegear Warmtex long-sleeved base layers in black, white, and red. Additionally, we have Click Lightweight thermals in both long and short sleeves, in blue and white.

For the bottom half of your body, we have matching Click Lightweight thermal long johns in blue and white. The lightweight material means that they will fit under your regular trousers without being too bulky. They offer insulation against the cold weather, made of a soft mix of polyester and viscose fibres. Offering protection down to your toes, we have available a range of socks. It’s really important not to lose heat from your feet, and these socks are ideal for wearing under safety/steel-toe footwear. In addition to the Blaklader and Click socks.  Using a mixture of wool and polyamide/polypropylene, all socks provide both comfort and warmth.

Lastly, for that outer layer, we stock Snickers’ Body Mapping Micro Fleece Jackets, with either a full zip or pullover option. Featuring a high collar to protect your neck, they have the perfect balance between insulation and ventilation, as well as anti-odour innovative technology for added freshness.