Disposable Clothing

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We understand that in certain jobs it isn’t appropriate to wear a piece of clothing again once it has fulfilled its purpose. This particularly applies in situations where hygiene is important, such as the catering industry, or where you have been exposed to hazardous substances. In these scenarios, you need disposable clothing that is up to the task. That’s why here at Active Workwear we are delighted to offer our customers a vast range of disposable clothing designed to keep you clean and safe.

You will find everything you need in our disposable clothing range. Our disposable coveralls and disposable aprons come in a variety of colours and styles, ranging from plastic disposable aprons available in packs of 1000 – ideal for the catering industry - to heavier duty coveralls offering excellent protection against dust and light liquid splashes.

In addition to disposable aprons and coveralls, we also stock some excellent disposable accessories suitable for those smaller body parts. Examples include our elasticated disposable foot covers, pre-powdered plastic disposable gloves and disposable hairnets. You can even find disposable beard snoods here in this section if you are particularly hairy! Whatever scenario you have to face during your day-to-day, we will be able to provide the disposable clothing you are looking for.

If you have any questions about our disposable clothing, please contact us right here at Active Workwear today. We would be delighted to answer any questions you may have and help pick out the perfect disposable clothing for your requirements.