Hi Vis Workwear UK

Staying visible whilst working on the UK’s many busy roads and motorways needs to be a main priority within any construction company. Whether it’s a job that’s being carried out during the day, or an overnight shift, visibility is always important – especially in areas that may have bad weather conditions – to avoid accident or even death.

Here at Active Workwear, we supply a wide range of hi-vis workwear to the UK, ensuring that our country’s businesses run without a hitch, or injury. We offer clothing items that can be mixed and matched to suit every possible working condition your team could encounter – meaning that they will always be prepared, comfortable and safe in the knowledge that they can concentrate on the job at hand.

Here are just some of the hi-vis workwear pieces we sell here at Active Workwear: hi-vis overalls, hi-vis gloves, hi-vis jackets, hi-vis waterproofs, hi-vis trousers, hi-vis tops, hi-vis trousers and hi-vis accessories. This range ensures that your team are always prepared.

We supply safety workwear for males and females – both offering their respective benefits to the wearer – with many built-in safety and comfort features such as reinforced knees in trousers for protection when dealing with groundwork. Much of our hi-vis workwear also offers other safety protection features, such as fire-retardant materials, and both waterproof and tear-proof fabrics.

Can’t find the hi-vis workwear clothing that you require on Active Workwear at present? Don’t hesitate to contact our friendly team, who will endeavour to unite you with the piece of workwear safety clothing that your team requires. Why try our Free Online Embroidery/ Printing Quote for your workwear needs?

With one of the widest ranges of hi-vis workwear in the UK, you can be sure that we’ll be able to kit out your team entirely with some of the best-known brands in the workwear industry.

Hi Vis Workwear UK