Apache Workwear And Safety Foot Wear

Apache Workwear And Safety Foot Wear

Established in the United Kingdom in 1999, Apache Workwear UK had the aim of providing industrial workwear that was of high quality, expertly designed, durable and affordable. The industrial and technical work clothing available at that time left a lot to be desired concerning design and quality.  

Apache Workwear was started in response to the general lack of decent quality, affordable industrial wear available at that stage. What little there was available was relatively expensive and lacked style. UK Apache clothing set out to prove that it was possible to stay safe and still look half-way decent.  

They made a point of sourcing the best quality fabrics and ensuring that safety always came first when creating a new design. All Apache clothing workwear is designed with the end-user in mind. The company takes its cues from its clients to develop ranges that meet their needs more precisely 

Now you can buy top-notch safety gear without blowing the bank and can be sure that it will last a reasonable amount of time as well.  

The ranges are diverse and cover footweartrousersjackets, and more. The company has been lauded for its innovativeness and modern design. They pay attention to the smallest detail, from kneepad pockets to easy open zips.  

They don’t waste time by adding features that no one really needs. They start by creating a practical item. Then they work with that to make it look modern and find ways to increase comfort and fit.  

They make sure that they adhere to strict quality standards because they understand that their products need to take quite a beating. These are not products for “weekend warriors” on the DIY scene. These products are made for those who need them to work hard.  

The company takes a lot of factors into account when designing their gear. They look at the environment that the gear will be used in and work out how to improve it so that the worker is kept safe.  

They only make industrial products, so you can be sure that the gear is going to take a beating. They work in safety features so that workers can always perform at their best, knowing that their gear won’t let them down.  

From non-slip soles for shoes, through to a broader cut of trousers to make kneeling easier, you can see that this is a company that takes customer care seriously.  

They have also built a reputation for producing great-looking products. Their range of safety trainers, for example, look highly fashionable. They allow you to move from working onsite to having a drink with your mates seamlessly. 

What is also interesting is that the parent company, Sterling Safetywear Ltd, is the same company that manufactures the Dewalt line. Dewalt is another industrial product line that is known for being precision-engineered and having a high-quality finish. 

With that kind of backing, is it any surprise that Apache has become such a notable brand in the United Kingdom in just a couple of decades?  

Apache Safety Ratings Explained 

Here is a rundown of what the basic safety ratings mean. 

  • SB: This is the minimal safety protection with a 200-joule rated toe cap. The caps might be made of steel, aluminium or composite materials.  
  • SBP: This is also the minimal safety protection. The difference is that it is combined with a midsole that protects against penetration while walking.  
  • S1: This is the same 200-joule rated toe cap. This time, it is combined with a seat region that is closed, absorptive energy properties and anti-static properties. 
  • S1P: The 200-joule-rated toe cap. This time, it is combined with a midsole that is penetration resistant, a seat region that is closed, energy absorptive properties and anti-static properties.  
  • S2: This is the same 200-joule rated toe cap. This time, it is combined with a seat region that is closed, absorptive energy properties, water absorptive properties, and anti-static properties. 
  • S3: The 200-joule rated toe cap. This time, it is combined with a seat region that is closed, energy absorptive properties, water absorptive properties, cleated outsole, and anti-static properties. 
  • S4: The 200-joule toe cap, combined with all polymeric or rubber materials. Has excellent energy absorptive materials.  
  • S5: The 200-joule toe cap, combined with all polymeric or rubber materials. Has excellent energy absorptive materials. Also has the cleated outsole and a midsole that is penetration resistant.  
  • HRO: Has an outsole that is heat resistant to a temperature of 300°C. 

Product Origin 

One thing that Apache is focused on is producing the very best product possible at the very best price possible. With that in mind, they have a team of designers in the United Kingdom working on honing their products and creating new ones.  

The team is constantly tweaking their designs to incorporate changes that clients have requested, or to incorporate new materials and better design principles. This process of constant design and redesign is essential because as technology advances, so too do the materials that can be used in manufacturing.  

New materials and more streamlined processes mean a better end result, and so the design team has their hands full. They are more than up to the challenge, though and deliver well-designed, quality items.  

Once a design has been approved, a prototype is created and thoroughly tested. The stringent testing procedure ensures that only the best designs make it through to the manufacturing stage.  

Any new materials that are being considered as part of the design are also subjected to rigorous testing to ensure that they will hold up as expected. The sourcing of materials is also considered an integral part of the design process so periodic testing for quality will be performed to ensure consistency.  

Once the team is sure that the product is going to perform as well as believed, and that the design is useful to clients, it will go into production. The products are engineered by an expert team in the Far East to ensure that costs are kept as low as possible.  

It is this that allows the company to offer the goods at such an affordable rate. If they were manufactured in the United Kingdom instead, the costs would be a lot higher.  

Still, the company takes consistency and quality seriously, so every batch is tested to ensure that it meets that exacting standards that have been set for it.  

Apache Knee Pad Work Trousers 

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