Eye Protection

When buying eye protection, whether the working environment is industrial, construction or even doing DIY at home, you want to be sure that the product you purchase provides ample protection from any hazards at hand. That’s why, at Active Workwear, we want to supply you with only the highest quality, affordable PPE Eye protection glasses and protection goggles that you or your employees can use in your working environment, without being a hindrance as you go about your day. Being able to protect your eyes from chemicals, sparks or flying debris and dust is essential to following Health and Safety guidelines and ensuring no lasting damage can be done. All eye protection products are CE Approved to the relevant European Standards including EN166 and EN172. Active supplies eye protection for a wide range of hazards and impacts. Eye Protection is a requirement by law under regulation 4 of the Personal Protective Equipment At Work Regulation 1992 when working in a hazardous area.

We stock a wide range of varying products for you to browse, ranging from anti-fog eye protection glasses, anti-mist safety goggles and flip front safety goggles that can be used when welding. We even supply blast shields that can attach to blast safety goggles for extra protection, as well as a range of cleaning implements such as lens cloths and lens cleaning fluid. We supply a variety of assorted brands of industrial safety eyewear and eye protection goggles, including 3M, Click, Bolle, Apache and B-Brand, and our prices range from just over £4 through to £88, depending on your budget and the style or amount of eye protection that you need.

Protecting either yourself, your co-workers or your employees on a job ensures there aren’t any injuries on site and that Health and Safety Regulations are adhered to. Our industrial safety eyewear and our safety goggles are perfect in construction situations to protect from flying splinters or sparks, as well as industrial workspaces to protect from chemical sprays or paints and emulsions. You can rest assured that you’ll find what you’re looking for here; look no further than Active Workwear for head to toe protection today!