High Visibilty Jackets and outerwear

High visibility Jackets / Hi Vis Jackets and outerwear

Why Active Workwear? Hi Vis jackets, Hi Viz vests, high visibility waterproofs?

We offer affordable Hi Visibility PPE clothing that is suitable for all budgets and requirements. Our Hi Visibility Jackets, range in size, colour, thickness and properties - depending on the brand and desired use. Here at Active Workwear our select “B-Seen” collection, is the ideal choice for hi-vis safety wear, made up of bomber jackets, traffic jackets and a range of soft-shell jackets!

Do you need something hardwearing?

Snickers Hi-Visibility jackets have various purposes, and suitable for all your needs. At Active Workwear, we stock the Hi-Vis Gore-Tex shell work jacket- this is one of our multi-purpose jackets which is waterproof and windproof offering a compromise for those who need a jacket that is appropriate for all weathers but has breathable fabric for the active worker. The Snickers Hi-Visibility jackets are designed to allow comfort and visibility, therefore allowing you to work efficiently and safely. These particular jackets come in Hi-Vis yellow or orange, ensuring they meet your needs for both safety and style.

In contrast to our soft-shell jackets, we have an alternative for those who prefer something lightweight and suitable for rainy conditions. The Snickers Hi Vis Rain Proof Lightweight work jacket is a rational product for workers who require visibility and comfort when working. This jacket is designed with waterproof seams, ultimately preventing any moisture from penetrating through the coat, and keeping you dry all day long!

Perhaps you need something which offers functionality?

Here at Active Workwear, we’ve a fantastic range of High Visibility jackets which provide a combination of warmth and visibility, while also remaining lightweight, such as the Snickers Hi Vis Micro Fleece Hoodie work jacket. This product is quick-drying therefore if comfort is something you regard to be important, this Snickers Hi-Visibility jacket are perfect for you!

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