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Workwear Jackets & Fleeces Work jackets

Regulating employee temperature whilst at work is important for both staff comfort and for safety; if you are on site and not warm enough, it can become harder to hold and operate tools, cut materials safely and concentrate on the task at hand. That’s why, here at Active Workwear, we supply a vast range of different workwear fleeces, work jackets and coats for contractors and labourers to wear whilst on site. Our products will ensure warmth and staff well-being; some of our products are also waterproof and breathable as well as insulating.

Our range covers the main brands of workwear jackets and fleeces, including Click fleeces, Portwest, Result, Workguard, Result Core workwear jackets, Helly Hanson waterproof work jackets, Blaklader Work Jackets and Snickers work coats. All of these brands manufacture only the highest quality products, which means you can comfortably browse and ask yourself: Which is the best workwear jacket for me? Being onsite and finding yourself cold and wet can be detrimental to the quality of work being done, something easily preventable with a fleece or a waterproof jacket. Having a quality piece of workwear can also increase utility; most of our products come with handy pockets where a variety of items that are used in construction jobs, like screws or fixings and fittings.

We also offer companies the opportunity to personalise the waterproof jackets, winter work jackets, fleeces and work jackets, so your company brand can be put on display to advertise when out on a job, as well as adding a level of professionalism to your staff. We also supply harder working coats and work jackets, such as the Blaklader and Snickers Workwear, and our workwear jackets and fleeces come in a variety of different shapes and styles. Contact us for more information if you would like your choice of workwear to be personalised with a company logo.