Workwear Shorts & Pirate Trousers

Snickers Next Generation Shorts


Looking for safety workwear that will allow you to work in warmer climes without overheating? Working for prolonged periods of time in hot weather can be detrimental to your productivity, unless you dress appropriately and stay hydrated.

Snickers Online supply a number of the industry’s best brands for workwear shorts and pirate trousers. Offering you the extra mobility and lack of excess heat, whilst retaining the extra pockets to keep your tools to hand at all times, these kinds of workwear solutions prove popular across many industries.

Some of the brands on offer from Snickers are as follows: Blaklader, Dickies, Rip-Stop and Apache – all specially manufactured to protect your employees or yourself when in the midst of lower risk jobs – we’d recommend trousers for more physically dangerous projects.

Perhaps you’re wondering what workwear pirate shorts are? The amusingly-named garments are three-quarter length trousers, which often feature a number of pockets – especially pockets on the sides of the pant legs.

Can’t find what you’re looking for, or need some guidance on the purchases you should make for your company’s work uniform? Contact us today and one of our professional advisors will be on hand to offer advice, ensuring you get the best fit for your individual needs.