Work Gloves Hand Protection

Why Use Work Gloves with EN388 Hand Protection?

Active Workwear stock a vast selection of work gloves suitable for various and wide ranging applications. Employers  should select a suitable work glove dependent upon the type of work to minimise risk to workers. EN388 regulation helps by specifying the levels of abrasion, cut, tear and puncture a particular glove is capable of withstanding. Leather/cloth Rigger gloves, the staple of traditional industrial gloves, tend to be EN388 Category 2 and available in a variety of resistance scores dependent on the application the glove is required for. All of our safety work gloves are of robust quality but are competitively priced, especially if purchased in full cartons, We have a collection of  general purpose work gloves MP1 is the staple construction/ builders gloves often called grip, gripz or gripper gloves .There are a wide range of styles, again with different test scores, to suit the wide variety of ways they can be employed.

Most gloves have a cotton or nylon liner glove base which is then dipped in latex, nitrile or PVC rubber glove to provide a tough outer layer . We stock a selection of disposable work gloves in latex, vinyl and nitrile. Most disposable latex/nitrile gloves are available either powdered or non powdered as people are allergic to the powder used ie cornflower starch. Similarly, some people have a latex allergy and will need to use nitrile of vinyl disposables. This section contains work gloves for specific hazards including gauntlets for chemical handling, needle proof hazard gauntlets, cut resistant gloves and heat resistant gauntlet for dealing with heat and cold  Safety Work Gloves from the worlds leading brands from knitted gloves  Cut Level 5 safety gauntlets and gloves, MP1 Gripper Gloves, Kevlar, Glass Fibre, Leather water resistant glove from Blaklader, Dewalt and Click 2000.