Active Workwear - Workwear, Snickers, Blaklader, Work Boots in Sheffield

Active Workwear - Workwear, Snickers, Blaklader, Work Boots in Sheffield.

Head to Toe Workwear in Sheffield


Protection all day for every industry, combining safety standards with comfort for workwear in Sheffield.


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 Workwear in Sheffield

Your Industry Is Covered - Safety, Comfort, Quality

From painters and decorators to railway workers and those in construction, we have the workwear you need. From name brands to branded garments, we guarantee high-quality workwear in Sheffield with safety and comfort in tow. Each of our products meets industry safety requirements. Trust us as your reliable wear and accessories supplier.


Sheffield, National, and International Industry Supplier

We proudly supply industries the world over with reliable workwear products. We’ve listed the most common industries that use our services, but we are not limited to these listed. If you don’t see your industry, please contact us directly if you have any questions or continue to browse the selection of goods.



  • Construction
  • Health
  • Hospitality
  • Painting
  • Decorating



Featured Workwear Products

View what’s new and most frequently purchased between clothing, accessories, and tools.

Work wear Trousers

Mens work jackets

Snickers 6241 Stretch trousers

Blaklader Workwear

Helly Hansen


The Brands You Prefer

We carry name brand products, like Dewalt and Apache, at great prices so you never have to compromise.

Apache Workwear

DeWalt Safety Boots and Trainers

Snickers workwear trousers

Blaklader work wear clothing

Helly Hansen

Branded, Customizable Workwear in Sheffield

Brand your workwear in Sheffield with company logos, text, gradients, and more. Use this opportunity to market your brand or keep the team together through recognition. Our embroidery service works with a wide variety of colours, styles, textures, and sizes. Let Active Workwear become your trusted partner for head-to-toe branding.


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Work Accessories

Improve efficiency on site with affordable accessories that improve the quality and speed of your work.






Why Choose Active Workwear

Since our inception, we’ve been dedicated to building client and customer relationships based on trust and reliability. Our team of professionals continue to work with companies across the globe to make Active Workwear a trusted household name.


Safety First, Always

Safety is our top priority, always. Between our selection of high-quality brand name products to our custom branding and embroidery service, we always ensure each product’s safety. These products are designed for protection and that’s what we guarantee.


International Trust

From corporations to family-owned businesses, Active Workwear is trusted internationally. Based in Leeds, we value our clients no matter the location. That’s why we’re dedicated to providing the highest quality workwear in Sheffield, because our neighbours matter just as much as those overseas.


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Looking for Assistance? Our Team Can Help!

We equally value professionalism alongside trust and safety. Speak with our expert team of customer service agents if you need assistance. From questions about branding to industry safety requirements, we’re happy to help. Send us and email or give us a call today.


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