Hellberg secure 3 neckband ear defenders with enhanced noise protection

Hellberg Secure 3 Neckband Ear Defenders with Enhanced Noise Protection



  • £30.30
    Incl. VAT: £36.36
Incl. VAT: £36.36

Introducing Hellberg Secure 3 Neckband Ear Defenders-43003-001

Experience unparalleled versatility and protection with the Hellberg Secure 3 Neckband Ear Defenders-43003-001. This neckband style hearing protector is a perfect solution for various work environments, offering a unique combination of features:

  • Adaptable Design: Ideal for use with bump caps, wide-brimmed helmets, helmets without attachment slots, or as a stand-alone face protection.
  • High Noise Protection: Protection level 3 is suitable for environments with noise levels ranging from 100-115 dB, making it perfect for high to very high noise levels.
  • Specialised Noise Filtering: Protection level 3 excels in environments where noise is dominated by low frequencies, preventing masking of speech and important sounds while reducing stress and nausea.
  • Ultimate Choice: When nothing but the best will suffice, the Hellberg Secure 3 Neckband Ear Defenders-43003-001 are the top choice for uncompromising protection.