5 of the Best Portwest Coveralls and Overalls - Hi Vis, Thermal, Flame-Retardant, and More.

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5 of the Best Portwest Coveralls and Overalls - Hi Vis, Thermal, Flame-Retardant, and More.

Overalls and coveralls are essential garments for workers across various industries. They offer convenience and seamlessly blend with other clothing items. When it comes to reliable and affordable workwear, Portwest stands out as one of the leading brands. 
Their selection of overalls, boilersuits, and coveralls caters to different needs without compromising functionality. Whether buying for yourself or an entire team, Portwest is an excellent choice for performance gear that won't break the bank. In addition to their conventional ranges like jackets and trousers, Portwest offers an extensive collection of overalls and coveralls designed for various seasons, conditions, and styles. These garments are engineered to provide specific protection against workplace hazards such as extreme heat or water exposure.
Choosing the right pair of overalls can be challenging with such a wide range of options. To make your decision easier, we've highlighted the top 5 Portwest coveralls and overalls:

1 - Portwest S999 Euro Work Coverall

The Portwest S999 is a versatile coverall that is an all-rounder in Portwest's arsenal. Crafted from durable polycotton, this coverall ensures comfort throughout the day. It's lightweight, allowing for unrestricted movement and further enhancing comfort. The elasticated waist and front studs provide hassle-free access and allow for a great fit.
Outdoor workers face the constant danger of harmful UV sun exposure. The S999 coverall has a UPF rating of 50+, which blocks up to 98% of harmful UV rays from reaching the skin.
Moreover, the S999 coverall offers exceptional utility. It features six different pockets, including front chest pockets, side access pockets, a ruler pocket, and a back pocket. These pockets provide ample room always to keep tools and equipment on hand.

2 - Portwest S585 Padded Winter Overall

While coveralls are often versatile for multiple environments, the Portwest S585 is a winter specifically designed for work in cold conditions.
To protect against the cold, the S585 is lined with a quilt and features interior padding for thermal insulation. It is fully waterproof, with taped seams that prevent rain and wind from entering. These features allow the S585 overalls to achieve the EN 342 certification for cold conditions. Additionally, they are certified as Portwest Waterproof and breathable overalls according to EN 343.
Durability is a crucial aspect, and the S585 overalls deliver. The shell, lining, and filling are made from polyester, known for its resilience, abrasion resistance, and lightweight nature. Reinforced knee patches provide extra strength for kneeling while working.
The S585 coverall incorporates hi-vis features such as vibrant, reflective tape on the arms and chest for increased safety. It also comes with five pockets to meet all your working needs.

3 - Portwest FR50 Flame Resistant Anti-Static Coverall

Specific industries require flame-retardant overalls like the Portwest FR50, which offer comprehensive body protection in a single garment. The form factor of these overalls, covering most of the body, is a significant selling point. The zip and cuffs ensure a secure fit without restricting movement.
These coveralls' innovative flame-resistant flame-plus fabric protects against radiant and convective heat. It is even prepared for splashes of molten metal. This high resistance allows the FR50 coveralls to receive the EN 22612 safety certification for heat and flame protection. Using flame plus, Portwest has made these coveralls anti-static, reducing the risk of static electricity causing fires or interfering with nearby machinery. The FR50 coveralls are certified under the EN 1149 safety specification. They have attained class 2 welding protection, making them well-suited for specific industries.
The coveralls incorporate double-stitched high-visibility reflective tape in critical areas to enhance safety. The hi-vis tape is inherently flame resistant, ensuring long-lasting visibility without compromising safety.
These coveralls are particularly popular in offshore industries and receive excellent customer reviews.
For additional options, we recommend considering the Biz5 bizweld iona FR coverall. It offers more pockets, including kneepad pockets and resistance to contact heat.

4 - Portwest S485 Hi Vis Overall

While most Portwest coveralls feature high visibility elements, the S485 Hi Vis Overall truly lives up to its name. It boasts EN ISO 20471 class 3 vibrant colours, the highest class of hi-vis workwear. The class 3 colours are paired with reflective tape for enhanced visibility.
Apart from high visibility, this overall protects against the elements. Taped seams and a pack-away hood ensure waterproofing, while quilt lining offers warmth in cold conditions.
Comfort is a top priority for Portwest, and the S485 coverall delivers. The fully elasticated waist and inner ribbed cuffs ensure a comfortable fit for each wearer. The coverall is easy to put on and take off, thanks to the two-way zip on the front and back. It also features five pockets for everyday work, making it the ultimate hi-vis coverall for dangerous low-light environments such as tunnels or night work.

5 - Portwest S495 Sealtex Ultra Coverall

The Portwest S495 Sealtex Ultra Coverall is designed to be worn comfortably over regular work clothes while keeping the wearer dry and visible during work. The premium Sealtex Ultra fabric ensures the coverall is fully waterproof, highly breathable, and windproof – essential for adverse weather gear.
The vibrant colour of this coverall achieves EN ISO 20471 class 3. It is available in hi-vis orange or yellow and features reflective tape on the legs, chest, and arms. The heat-sealed tape prevents water penetration and ensures long-lasting visibility.
The S496 coverall achieves its EN 343 class 3 certification through welded seams that prevent water penetration. The water-resistant, breathable, and windproof polyester fabric used in construction contributes to its performance. The double storm flap and concealable hood provide additional protection, making the S495 Sealtex Ultra coverall one of the most popular Portwest overalls on the market.

Our Verdict on the Portwest Overall Collection

In conclusion, Portwest offers a range of high-quality, specialist overalls and coveralls suitable for various industries. At, we stock many items from the Portwest range, providing a wide selection of sizes and colours. We specialise in delivering Portwest overalls regularly all over the UK and worldwide.
To explore our full range of overalls, including options from top brands like Portwest, please visit our primary coveralls collections.

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