4 Tips to Get the Most Out of Hi Vis Vests

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It would be best if you always put safety first when it comes to doing any work or activity with a high risk of injury. One of the effective ways of enhancing safety and minimising injuries is the use of Hi-Vis (High Visibility) workwear, such as Blaklader Hi Vis Vest. 

Hi Vis Vests

Besides investing in an appropriate and right-fitting Hi-Vis Coat or Vest, you also need to ensure that you get the maximum benefits from it. So, below we’ll share with you five tips to get the most out of your Hi-Vis workwear.  

1. Maintain Cleanliness 

Your Hi-Vest is bound to get dirty over timeThe vest won’t serve its primary purpose effectively if it gets covered by dirt and grime. Be sure that you wear only clean Hi-Vis wear. You want to be seen even from quite a long distance.  

It’s also worth noting that over washing your Hi Vest jacket may make the reflective tape wear out faster. Only wash Hi-Vis clothing according to the manufacturer’s instructions. This ensures you get a longer useful life out of your product.   

2. Too Much Printing Affects the Effectiveness of the Hi Vest 

    It is okay to print informational texts and graphics on your Hi-Vis clothing to promote your business or for other identification purposes. 

    However, it would help if you did not overdo it. You don’t want to interfere with the reflective tapes. Do no print dense blocks as it may affect the effectiveness of the reflective stripes.  

    3. The Environment of Usage Matters 

      You need to choose the right Hi Vist waistcoat depending on your work environment. If you usually work at night, you should select workwear with reflective tape as it is the most visible at night. Likewise, a fluorescent yellow Hi-Vis Coat would be perfect for working in full daylight.  

      4. Replace Your Worn Out Hi Vis Clothing 

      Your Hi-Vis vest clothing has a shelf life beyond which its effectiveness is reduced exposing you to dangers. Moreover, certain conditions like extreme temperatures may reduce the lifespan of your safety wear. 

      It is advisable to replace your Hi-Vis clothing when it starts to show signs of damage like tears, cracks and peeling of reflective strips.   

      Why buy Blaklader? 

      Blaklader is a premier manufacturer of workwear known to produce high-quality, functional products that meet the ISO 9001 standards.  

      Blaklader workwear products come with a lifetime guarantee. They have a range of high-visibility workwear that is enhanced by the incorporation of multiform protection. This ensures you are protected from electrostatic elements, heat, flames, and other hazardous workplace elements. 

      Undeniably, Blakladder Hi-Vest is not your average work wear. It’s designed to not only reflect light effectively but also to suit your environment and functional preferences. You can get a wide range of Blakladder workwear, including HI Vis tool Vest, from Active Workwear. 

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