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When it comes to working outdoors, “layering up” is not an uncommon term. 

Layering up is your best defence against changes in the external environment and being able to work through the different seasonal temperatures. 

Helly Hansen Base layer

From adding thermals to your layering system to zipping in an additional fleece to the inside of your waterproof padded jacket – ultimately when it comes to layers it’s important to know, you have options. 

However, there is a systematic approach to layering and reasons why you should layer as opposed to grabbing the bulkiest sweater you can find. 

A Systematic Approach Leads to Better Results 

Bulky, thick clothing is excellent for keeping you warm when you’re at home or if you’re quickly popping out.  But, these pieces of clothing are less than ideal or indeed suitable as workwear clothing, as they tend to lead to restricted mobility and overheating, which when carrying out a manual job, isn’t great. 

Instead, the best solution is to overlay more lightweight and thinner items of clothing, with each piece performing a specific function. 

These functions may include wind-blocking, moisture-wicking, or waterproofing.  Providing everything you need for working outdoors as well as providing you with a layering system that feels much lighter and is surprisingly warmer than its bulky jumper counterparts. 

Ultimately, you’re looking for optimal thermal insulation without the weight or bulk, offering you flexibility and complete freedom of movement. 

The Ideal Base Layer 

Is there even such a thing? 

Firstly, yes, and secondly in can be found within the Helly Hansen Lifa base layer range. 

With their Lifa Stay Dry Technology and Helly Tech protection, the ideal base layers from within the  

HH workwear range offers you warmth and breathability combined with total moisture management. 

The science behind moisture management involves the fibres of those base layer pieces drawing moisture away from the skin, moving it through the layers for it to evaporate into the air. 

For you, this means wearing such items will keep you warm and dry against even the harshest of conditions. 

There is a range of base layers to choose from depending on what you require, with the layers made of either synthetic fabrics or Merino wool (or often a mix of both). 

Again, depending on personal preference and requirements will all depend on which fabric is best suited to you. 

Helly Hansen Lifa Merino 

Within this range, you will find base layers that will provide you with a high warmth to weight ratio.   

They’re lightweight, even when wet and they can move moisture away from the skin, (but not as well as some synthetic materials can). 

However, Merino wool is non-itch and breathable, and the base layers can be worn several times without the need to be washed for freshness as they contain antibacterial qualities. 

Merino wool pieces are more expensive than synthetic and do require more careful handling and washing. 

Helly Hansen Synthetic Workwear 

The synthetic base layers in this range are not as warm as the Merino wool and can be less effective when wet; however, they are incredibly effective at wicking away moisture.  They’re also durable and longer-lasting, which counteracts the point that synthetic base layers aren’t as breathable as wool. 

However, they are machine washable, and as they’re easier and cheaper to produce, they are more cost-effective too, suiting almost all budgets. 

Some pieces within this collection are also made using odour preventing technologies as well. 

Top Selling HH Workwear Base Layers 

  • HH Lifa Merino base layer thermal long john pants – 75506 
  • Helly Hansen Merino neck gaiter – 79706 
  • Helly Hansen Merino crewneck – 75106 
  • Helly Hansen Red Lake zip-in fleece liner jacket – 72065 
  • Helly Hansen Lifa base layer thermal tee-shirt – 75104 
  • Helly Hansen ½ zip – 75109 

For your perfect base layers view our full Helly Hansen workwear range online and contact us at Active Workwear to find out more. 

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