Polo Shirts: The Unsung Heroes of Office Comfort

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Polo shirts, often considered the unsung heroes of office comfort, have become a staple in contemporary workwear. In this post, we'll delve into the multifaceted world of polo shirts, exploring their history, versatility, and why they're a favourite for both men and women in the workplace.

Introduction to Polo Shirts

The polo shirt, a classic piece of attire known for its comfort and versatility, has a rich history rooted in sports. The design was born out of necessity, providing sportspersons with a comfortable and practical alternative to traditional sportswear. 
The shirt was first introduced by tennis player René Lacoste in the 1920s. He replaced the stiff long-sleeve shirts traditionally worn in tennis with a short-sleeve shirt made from a comfortable cotton and polyester material, which later evolved into the modern polo shirt.

The Evolution of Polo Shirts

Over the years, polo shirts have evolved from a sportswear staple into a symbol of casual yet professional attire. They've become a wardrobe essential, thanks to their simple design and the ease with which they can be dressed up or down. 
Their signature features include a collar, a few buttons down the neckline, and short sleeves. Today, polo shirts are available in a variety of colours and styles, catering to a wide range of tastes and preferences.

The Versatility of Polo Shirts

One of the main factors for the enduring popularity of polo shirts is their versatility. They strike a perfect balance between formal and casual, making them a popular choice for various occasions. Whether it's a business meeting, a casual office day, or an outdoor corporate event, a polo shirt is always a safe bet. 
Additionally, they can be matched with a variety of bottom wear, from formal trousers to jeans, offering countless outfit possibilities.

The Popularity of Polo Shirts in the Workplace

In the workplace, polo shirts have emerged as a popular choice for corporate attire. Their easy-to-wear design and comfortable fit make them ideal for long working hours. 
They are a preferred choice for many businesses, ranging from corporate and hospitality sectors to health and fitness and construction industries. Employees appreciate their hard-wearing nature and the fact that they require little or no ironing.

The Gender-Neutral Appeal of Polo Shirts

Polo shirts have a gender-neutral appeal, making them a practical choice for both men and women in the workplace. Their design flatters a wide range of body shapes, and they can be tailored to fit any size, enhancing their universal appeal. 
Moreover, many brands offer polo shirts specifically designed for women, taking into account the differences in fit and style preferences.

Customising Polo Shirts for a Professional Look

Polo shirts offer ample opportunities for customisation. Businesses often add their logo or brand name to their employees' polo shirts, enhancing brand visibility. This can be achieved through various methods, including embroidery, garment printing, custom-made designs, and dye sublimation. 
Bespoke polo shirts are an excellent choice for events and can be used effectively at trade shows and exhibitions.

Choosing the Right Polo Shirt

When choosing a polo shirt, several factors need to be considered. The first is the fit – the shirt should not be too tight or too loose. 
Next, consider the fabric. Polo shirts made from a comfortable cotton and polyester blend are a popular choice. These materials are known for their good colour fastness and are Oeko-Tex®100 certified, ensuring they are free from harmful substances. 
Lastly, think about the colour. Timeless shades such as black, white, and navy offer flexibility and can be effortlessly matched with additional wardrobe items.

Environmental Considerations for Polo Shirts

As businesses become more environmentally conscious, many are looking for sustainable options for their corporate attire. Thankfully, many manufacturers are now producing eco-friendly polo shirts made from organic cotton or recycled materials. 
These environmentally-friendly options offer the same comfort and durability as traditional polo shirts, making them a great choice for businesses.

The Impact of Polo Shirts on Corporate Image

Polo shirts can have a significant impact on a company's corporate image. Wearing a uniform can promote a sense of team spirit and unity among employees. It also helps businesses project a professional image. 
Furthermore, when employees wear polo shirts branded with the company's logo, it can increase brand awareness and visibility.

Polo Shirts from Active Workwear

Looking for high-quality polo shirts for work or corporate wear? At Active Workwear in the UK, we've got you covered with our extensive range of comfortable and durable polo shirts suitable for various industries.
Our polo shirts are crafted from a soft and breathable mix of cotton and polyester, ensuring excellent colour fastness and comfort throughout the day. We cater to both men and women with stylish options that meet all your needs.
Let us highlight some of our top choices:

1. Portwest Naples Rugged Polo Shirt

This pique knit polycotton polo is a true standout for corporate wear and office attire. Its soft-to-the-touch fabric, ribbed collar and cuffs, and matching buttons give it a professional yet comfortable feel, perfect for the workplace.
Plus, the UPF 50+ rated fabric blocks 98% of UV rays, making it ideal for outdoor events or commuting. With its twin-stitched seams for durability and easy logo application, it's a perfect choice for branded corporate uniforms.

2. Orn Avocet Contrast Wicking Polo Shirt

Stay cool and dry at the office with this high-quality, inherently wicking polyester polo. Its self-fabric collar, open cuff design, and taped neckline provide exceptional comfort for long workdays. The sporty multi-colour design with hi-vis piping adds a modern touch, while the matching contrast side panels and placket trim elevate the overall look, making it suitable for more casual office environments.

3. Projob Ladies Polyester Wicking Polo Shirt

Designed with hardworking women in mind, this polo shirt is a great choice for office attire. Its pique "spun dyed" polyester fabric rapidly transports moisture away from the skin, keeping you fresh and dry throughout the workday.
The shrink-proof and crease-resistant properties ensure a neat, professional appearance, while the tone-on-tone buttons and neck opening add a touch of style.

4. Blaklader Men's Uniform Polo Shirt

This quality polo from Blaklader is a perfect match for professional office or corporate wear. It's made from a comfortable 60% cotton, 40% polyester pique blend that can withstand daily wear. The shoulder and neck seams are reinforced for durability.
Its ribbed collar, side vents, and Oeko-Tex®100 certified material make it a reliable and smart choice for any office environment.

5. Russell Collection Ladies Poplin Shirt

Elegance and professionalism define this classic poplin shirt, making it an excellent option for office attire. Crafted from a lightweight yet sturdy fabric, it features a single-button collar, a chest pocket, and a rounded hem for a flattering, tailored fit. The fabric is especially suited for finer embroideries, allowing for easy branding or personalisation for corporate wear.

6. Helly Hansen Manchester Cotton Work Classic Polo Shirt

Part of Helly Hansen's core workwear collection, this polo shirt offers a timeless, professional look suitable for office settings. Made from 100% cotton, it features side seams, a ribbed collar, and a buttoned front placket, with an extra button included for convenience.
Its regular fit and classic style makes it a versatile choice that can be dressed up or down for various office occasions.


Polo shirts have come a long way from their origins in the sports field. Today, they are a staple in the corporate world, valued for their versatility, comfort, and professional look. 
Whether you're a small business owner looking to outfit your team or an employee seeking comfortable office wear, polo shirts are a great choice. 
Check out the wide range of polo shirts available at Active Workwear, UK, and find the perfect fit for your needs.

FAQs About Polo Shirts

1. What are the benefits of wearing polo shirts?

Polo shirts are versatile, comfortable, and professional garments that can be worn for various occasions and styles. They are made from breathable and durable fabrics that are easy to care for and maintain. Polo shirts can also help you create a positive impression of your brand or company, especially if you customise them with your logo or name.

2. How do you choose the right size and fit for polo shirts?

The right size and fit for polo shirts depend on your preference and body type. Generally, you want a polo shirt that is not too tight or too loose and that allows you some freedom of movement. You can measure your chest, waist, and length to find the best size for you. You can also check the size chart of the brand or store you are buying from to compare their measurements with yours.

3. How to wash and care for polo shirts?

Polo shirts are easy to wash and care for as long as you follow some basic guidelines. You should always check the label and materials of your polo shirts before washing them, and sort them by colour and fabric. You should also unbutton and empty the pockets of your polo shirts and wash them with cold water and eco-friendly detergents. You should select a delicate wash cycle and avoid overloading the washer. You should opt for air drying or use low heat settings if you use a dryer.

4. How do you style polo shirts for different occasions?

Polo shirts are adaptable garments that can be styled for different occasions and seasons. For a casual look, pair your polo shirt with jeans, chinos, or shorts and add some sneakers or loafers. For a smart casual look, wear your polo shirt with a blazer, a cardigan, a sweater, and some trousers or khakis. You can also accessorise your polo shirt with a belt, a watch, or a hat.

5. How do you customise polo shirts for your brand or company?

Customising polo shirts for your brand or company is a great way to promote your identity and values. You can choose from various options to personalise your polo shirts, such as embroidery, printing, or applique. You can also choose the colours, fonts, and logos that best represent your brand or company. You can order customised polo shirts from online platforms or local shops that offer these services.

6. What are the differences between polo shirts and t-shirts?

Polo shirts and t-shirts are both popular types of shirts, but they have some differences in design and appearance. Polo shirts have a collar and a buttoned placket, while T-shirts have a round or V-shaped neckline. Polo shirts are usually made from pique or jersey fabrics, while t-shirts are made from cotton or cotton blends. Polo shirts are more formal and professional than t-shirts and can be worn for business or casual settings. T-shirts are more casual and relaxed than polo shirts and can be worn for leisure or sports activities.

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