Puma Trainers and Boots -Safety Footwear

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Puma Trainers and Boots -Safety Footwear


Puma safety footwear are a new addition to the Active Workwear Safety Footwear range.

Utilising the high performance technology and style you’ve come to expect from this leading sports wear brand, the Puma safety shoes, boots and trainers are ideal for any workplace.

The collection includes sleek, lightweight, metal free designs that offer great comfort as well as style. Each pair of Puma safety shoes has been designed to elevate your comfort experience, with unique features that you will only find on Puma safety footwear.

From rugged, durable outsoles to expertly crafted uppers, the Puma safety boots, and trainer shoe range has something for every worker.

The Evolution of Puma Safety Boots and Safety Trainers

Puma Trainer layers
The Puma safety shoe collection embraces the sporty heritage of the core brand while offering innovative designs for both men and women in the workplace. Experience optimal comfort with Puma safety trainers with seamless uppers and comfort technologies that enhance the wearer experience. The metal-free designs are perfect for those working in security areas such as airports, choose from the best selling Puma Airtwist Blue and The Airtwist Black trainer style for ultimate comfort in a metal free shoe design.

If you require high-performance Puma Safety work boots, there are several styles that offer ultimate protection in the workplace.

For ladies, the Puma Rio boot is extremely popular, the composite midsole makes it flexible and easy to wear whilst the S3 safety rating makes it ideal for a wide variety of working environments. For men, the Sierra Nevada is a very popular model and also has a flexible Composite midsole and S3 rating. If you are looking for fully waterproof Puma safety boots then you need to consider the Puma Conquest Boots, this style is S3 rated and has a waterproof and breathable internal membrane making it a great option for anyone who works outdoors in all weather conditions.

Puma Safety Boots and Trainers for Tomorrow's Worker

Puma safety boots, shoes and trainers meet the demands of all workers, using the same dedication found in their sportswear range to create safety footwear for all industries.

Utilising technologies to help protect and keep you safe while deploying optimum comfort features to enhance the wearer’s experience, you can expect incredible longevity from each pair.

The uppers of each pair of Puma safety shoes have been constructed using the best materials and the latest production techniques.

The Puma safety shoes with knitted uppers have an almost seamless construction which gives you a more fitted feel and because of the absence of stitched seams on the upper, the comfort of the fitting almost feels sock-like.

Ergonomically designed foot beds help improve posture and comfort, and Puma safety trainers have been developed to provide the best possible support to the foot.

With improved breathability to help wick moisture away from the wearer’s feet, it’s no surprise that Puma safety footwear is a leading choice across the globe.

No matter what style you choose from the Puma safety footwear collection you can be assured full confidence with every step.

Puma Safety Trainers Boots and safety footwear are now available online from Active Workwear:



Some of the following styles of safety trainers and safety boots are available.

Puma Airtwist Low S3 ESD Black Composite Safety Trainer-644650 Trainers Puma Active-Workwear

Puma Technics Fuse S1P ESD SRC Composite Safety Trainer -644210 Shoes Puma Active-Workwear 

Puma Cascades Mid S3 Composite Safety Boot Scuffcap 37905 Boots Puma Active-Workwear





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