Difference between Type A & Type C Chainsaw PPE Trousers

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No matter what finds you in need of a chainsaw, the single most important thing to keep in mind is your safety.  

PPE trousers can help with that, and they also help ensure that your legs have adequate protection in the event of an accident. Like most protective clothing, PPE trousers are created by sewing together multiple layers of blocking materials. Polyamide is a common choice, but aramid fibre like Kevlar is very popular too. This technique protects your legs in case of an accident and reduces the chance or severity of cuts.  

Chainsaw PPE Trousers


Type A PPE Trousers  

Not all PPE trousers are created alike. This isn’t a matter of quality per se, but a matter of how each type of PPE trouser is crafted. 

Type A PPE trousers are usually meant for ground workers and firewood cutters because they are sewn in a way that protects the front of your legs. They can be worn over regular work clothes or as plain trousers as well. 
There is a variety of designs available on the market today. The main difference between available options is the brand and the exact type of protective, fibrous materials used for the area protecting your legs. Of course, choosing the right kind of PPE trousers is both a matter of safety and your specific preference. 


Type C PPE Trousers  

Similar to Type A chainsaw trousers, Type C chainsaw trousers have their particularities – but that doesn’t mean they are better or worse than their counterparts. It just means that they are different, which makes sense as they are intended for different purposes. 

Specifically, Type C PPE trousers are generally used by those who work at weird anglessuch as tree surgeons or climbers, for example. This is precisely why type C PPE trousers have a protective layer all-around the leg, ensuring that you will be safe, no matter the angle of your work. 

The Difference between Type A and Type C Chainsaw Trousers 

In both cases, chainsaw PPE trousers are offered at different classes to accommodate different chainsaw speeds. On that note, it's worth mentioning that, in both cases, these different types of trousers are created not so much to stand as an unbreakable shield for your legs but to slow down the chainsaw in the event of an accident. This might not prevent every injury, but it almost always means for a less-severe injury.  

As mentioned above, the main difference between Type A and Type C PPE trousers is given by the surface the protective layer covers. Because they're intended for ground workers, Type A chainsaw trousers will only protect the front of the leg, while Type C will protect the entire surface of the leg. 

As one type of trousers is only better than the other for specific tasks – it's essential to analyze your particular needs when you start shopping around to ensure you choose something that suits you and what you need in your day-to-day use.  

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