Flame Retardant Work Wear

Flame Retardant Work Wear

Protecting your team from fire hazards – whatever industry they work within – is something that can’t be compromised as the owner of a company. With the risk of an accident leading to injury or even death, you can jeopardise both the lives of your staff and the livelihood of your company.

Reputation is everything, and if industry insiders realise that you’re not sufficiently protecting your staff, you will either be boycotted or shut down – so it’s definitely worth kitting everyone out with fire retardant workwear.

Here are just some of the fire-retardant workwear pieces we supply here at Active Workwear: fire retardant overalls, fire retardant pants, fire retardant shirts, fire retardant coveralls and fire-retardant footwear. This means there’s no excuse for not properly protecting your team.

Many of the fire-retardant garments that we sell at Active Workwear offer other safety features, such as hi-vis materials, waterproof fabrics and thermal regulators. Ensuring that your team’s comfort is catered to is almost as important as their safety, as people are unlikely to perform well in an active job if they find themselves uncomfortable.

With workers who continue their job into the early hours in the outdoors, it’s also vitally important that their fire-retardant workwear keeps them warm and visible to passing cars. By ticking off all the potential hazards and optimising the safety of your team, you can expect better results and higher job satisfaction; as your employees know that they are truly valued.

Is there a particular fire-retardant garment that you’d require for your business that you can’t currently see on the Active Workwear website? If so, contact us today and our team will do their best to answer any queries and set you up with the correct safety gear for your particular company’s needs.