5 Reasons to Invest in Safety Footwear For the Workplace

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5 Reasons to Invest in Safety Footwear For the Workplace

5 Reasons to Invest in Safety Footwear For the Workplace

We are all aware of the significance of hefty steel toe-capped boots for individuals working in the construction business. Example of these are our 
WORKSITE S1P Nubuck Safety Steel toe Boot which is great for building sites or similar heavy-duty work.
However, safety shoes come in various designs that make them acceptable for a wide range of industrial areas, including airports, logistics, and the transportation sectors. The following are five reasons why employees must wear safety shoes.

Improving Postures

Not only will the right pair of safety shoes protect you from injury, but they can also make a surprising amount of difference to your posture. Sound too good to be true? Let us explain exactly how! 
Well-fitting safety footwear will cushion and support the arch of the foot, which means that both your feet and ankles are fully supported – in turn, this ensures proper alignment of your leg, which will improve your overall posture. And of course, good posture can prevent and alleviate back pain.
Our AMBLERS COMPOSITE LADIES SAFETY SHOE is a great example, with Toe Protection to 200 Joules Impact, it also has a Penetration Resistant Midsole to 1100 Newtons and Antistatic and Energy Absorbing Heel.

Preventing Injuries

In addition to promoting good posture, the right pair of safety shoes will offer protection against injuries that various hazards on construction sites could otherwise cause. Regular shoes, are simply not suited for working in the construction industry as they don't have the protection steel toes offer. The same applies to flip-flops, sneakers and sandals - they're much more suitable for leisurely summer days, not for walking around heavy machinery, on a dirt and gravel-strewn site!
If you need something with even more protection our AMBLERS S3 Safety Bump Cap Rigger Boot offers: 
  • Toe Protection to 200 Joules Impact
  • Penetration Resistant Midsole to 1100 Newtons
  • Tested on a Ceramic Tile Contamination with a Dilute Soap Solution
  • Tested on smooth Steel Contamination with Glycerol
  • Antistatic Protection and Energy Absorbing Heel
  • Water Resistant Upper

Enhancing Comfort

Comfort is a major factor when it comes to choosing the right safety shoes. Nobody wants to be walking around all day in a pair of shoes that they find uncomfortable, because this will only decrease productivity and increase stress levels. After all, if you're working in an environment that requires safety shoes, you're probably doing something physically challenging – so to prevent fatigue and enable you to carry out your duties, you'll need a pair of shoes that feels as good as it looks!
Our APACHE Kick Safety Trainer Steel toe might be more light weight and comforatble for those less heavy duty jobs.

Safety Footwear Protecting Against Electric Shocks

Not only do safety shoes feature insulated soles, but manufacturers also treat the insides of their shoes with anti-electricity properties, so if an employee wearing them were to accidentally step on a live wire, the electricity would be channelled through the sole of the shoe, and easily dissipate.

Safety Footwear - Prepared for All Weather

It's important to remember that not all shoes are weatherproof, which is why it's important to choose the right pair of safety shoes for the job. Not only are the soles important for protection, but the upper part of the shoe should be water-resistant, given that a wet environment is a major hazard for those who work outdoors.
Active Workwear's SECOR Sherpa Rigger Fur Linder Water Resistant Full safety boot could be a great choice for this sort of need.

Conclusion - 5 Reasons to Invest in Safety Footwear For the Workplace

Safety shoes are the perfect footwear option for those who work in difficult environments and are constantly on the move. From an occupational health and safety standpoint, it's important to choose the right pair of shoes for the job, and for the environment where you spend your working day. So when the time comes for a new pair of safety shoes, be sure to ask your safety footwear supplier to help you find the right fit for your working environment – it could make all the difference to your posture, productivity and overall well-being!
Check out Active Workwear today for the best safety footwear in the UK. We are the ultimate source of head-to-toe protective work wear, and we are committed to helping workers all over the country to stay safe while they do what they do best. Shop our collection today!

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