How Often Should PPE be Replaced?

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Providing PPE for your team is mandatory as an employer, but naturally, it comes at a great expense when you have a large team of employees. Many employers try to get as much use as possible out of PPE before replacing it, but of course, this can be a risky game to play. The whole purpose of PPE is to provide health and safety protection for your team, and therefore, this equipment should be fully functional at all times. Today we will share with you the key signs that it’s time to replace your PPE and the recommended replacement timescale for the most popular PPE items. 

How Often Should PPE be Replaced?

Does PPE expire? 

Some items of PPE come with the best before or expiry date. When used after this time, the health and safety PPE items are considered to be past their time of safe use and aren’t guaranteed to provide the needed protection. The items that generally expire include hard hats and safety harnesses. On the other hand, day to day PPE such as gloves and jackets don’t have an expiry date, so you need to look for the key signs that it’s time to replace those items. Remember, failing to supply your team with suitable health and safety PPE equipment can have serious consequences, so never try to save a small amount of money when you could be risking someone’s life. 

Signs that it’s time to replace your PPE 

High-quality PPE, such as Portwest workwear, will last you for a good length of time. However, when clothing becomes stained or burnt, it’s time to think about replacing your overalls or jackets. Any general wear and tear can degrade the material and the effectiveness of your PPE equipment. Depending on your industry, you may find there are specific regulations for your workplace. These may tell you exactly how often you need to replace your PPE equipment, but otherwise, you will need to use your initiative and replace gloves, Portwest clothing and other items as required. 

While PPE can be an expensive purchase for workplaces, when these items are worn out, there’s no option but to replace them. No matter how good your PPE equipment is, it will be subjected to very different conditions than your everyday clothing. Once your PPE equipment has holes or tears, it’s time for it to be replaced. If you are worried about PPE constantly needing to be replaced, you can always consider disposable PPE, which would be a good option for items including respiratory protective equipment. Also, if you have a regularly changing team, you’ll need to accommodate every new team member, to ensure they have their own set of PPE which fits them correctly. 

When Should I Replace Gloves? 

Gloves are one of the most commonly used items of PPE, but employers often overlook their replacement and expect them to last for years at a time. If your gloves are supposed to protect you from cutting or liquids, and they stop doing their job, it’s time to replace them. When any holes or tears appear in the gloves, stop using them immediately and switch them out for a new pair. Users should still enjoy good grip at all times when using gloves, or they are putting themselves at risk every day while working. For a good pair of long-lasting gloves, consider these Portwest Anti Impact Cut Resistant Gloves. 

Clothing and Coveralls 

Coveralls are probably the most used piece of PPE, as they are worn all day every day by workers. Portwest coveralls work to cover your arms, legs and torso and are one of the best options on the market today for a variety of work settings. When it comes to replacing your coveralls or Portwest hi vis jackets, you’ll want to look out for rips and damage that will stop the clothing from doing its job effectively. Once signs of wear and tear start to appear, they will only continue to get worse over time, so it’s best to replace the PPE straight away. Clothing doesn’t usually have an expiry date on it, so you’ll need to use your initiative and replace it when the first signs of damage appear. 

As an employer, there are many rules and regulations to follow to look after your team’s safety, and it’s important to consider how often should PPE be replaced. By following the key health and safety guidelines for the construction industryyou’ll keep your employees safe and secure every day while working for you. Opting for Portwest workwear will ensure your team are protected and feel comfortable every day at work. 

At Active Workwear, we offer an extensive range of high-quality PPE or safety clothing and equipment, making us well-placed to meet all your needs and specifications. If you require further information on our PPE products, please get in touch with us today. 

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