Best Rain Jackets for Travelling

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Are you planning the ultimate trip and need a jacket that’s not only versatile but ultra-light and waterproof? 

There are hundreds of hiking jackets, climbing, walking, and trail-running jackets to choose from. Depending on what you’re looking for and what you need as a minimum, will help you to narrow down your search! 

Helly Hansen jacket

At Active the rain is certainly something we know a thing or two about! From light rain showers to complete downpours (and this is just in the UK), we see the importance of a good quality waterproof jacket. 

You need a travel rain jacket that will take care of you if you do find yourself in the middle of an impromptu rainstorm.  Those that offer excellent seam sealing have DWR coating, and most importantly, a secure and good-sized hood. 

Rain jackets vary in price depending on the type as well as the brand of jacket you opt for. 

Rain jackets can also be classified into three distinct categories: 

  • Entry-level rain jackets – coats at the cheaper end of the spectrum, doing an ok job, but not lasting as long. 
  • Sturdy Shells – great at withstanding driving rain and snowstorms. 
  • Ultralight minimalist pieces – ideal for backpacking, climbing, and trail walking. 

Types of jackets 

Everyday use – these types of lightweight jackets are ideal for hiking and climbing adventures. Offering enough features that they can provide a good level of performance in heavy rain and wind conditions. They’re also lightweight and easy to pack, however, they won’t last as long, and their breathability features aren’t always 100%. 

Performance Shells are made to withstand extreme conditions.  The fabrics used for these raincoats are more robust and breathable, with the inner materials proving less likely to clam up all while offering a softer feel. You will notice an increase in price with these types of waterproofs, however. 

Ultralight – a very thin type of raincoat, and if we’re honest not suited to everyone. More suited to the weekend hiker, these jackets may not seem great on the outside but don’t believe everything you see.  There can be a whole host of technology packed into these nimble pieces. Note: these jackets can be prone to snags and tears. 

Trail Walking/Running – a growing market where you will now find ultralight waterproof shells that are ideal for trail activities. With excellent breathability, seam tapping, waterproof, and 3-layer membranes, the performance of these jackets is undeniably good. 

Difference between waterproof and water-resistant 

Water-resistant jackets can withstand light to moderate rain showers, but in extreme situations aren’t entirely waterproof. 

Jackets that fall into this category include windbreakers and soft shells. 

Waterproof jackets are designed with an additional coating or built-in layers. Blocking out any moisture under any weather conditions. 

Our top pick of rain jackets for travelling 

Helly Hansen Chelsea Evolution Shell Jacket 

This Helly Hansen jacket is at the pricier end of the spectrum but believes us when we say it can offer it all to travellers. 100% waterproof and breathable, this raincoat also includes the Helly Tech Performance, so the fabrics used are waterproof, windproof and breathable. It also has an adjustable hood, reinforced fabric on the shoulders and articulated sleeves.  It comes with a back placket with brushed tricot, adjustable hems for comfort, zip vents under the arms, cuffs with Velcro adjustments, storm flaps, and so much more. This jacket always makes an appearance on the best waterproof jackets list. 

Result Core Lightweight Jacket 

The ultimate in entry-level rain jackets is the Result Core. With a 2-layer design offering a mesh lining, this jacket is waterproof and windproof. With breathable back and chest venting as well as waterproof shields, this jacket is exceptionally lightweight making packing a doddle! 

Dewalt Storm Waterproof Rip-Stop Jacket 

Designed to be stylish, comfortable, and most of all, durable. With contrasting flatlock seams and nape vents, the Dewalt Storm Waterproof offers complete breathability as well as flexibility for climbers with the zip chest pockets and reflective sleeves, ideal for hikers and trail walkers. 

Helly Hansen Women’s Haag Jacket 

Manufactured using the Helly Tech Protection, this lightweight rain jacket is not just water-resistant; it is completely waterproof and windproof. Also, due to the advanced fabric used in its design, it is a jacket that offers excellent breathability. Removing any perspiration or moisture through the coat, keeping skin dry at all times. It also has a fully taped construction with no shoulder seams and a detachable hood. Overall, this is a well-balanced jacket that offers a comfortable fit, whether you choose to use it for work or play! 

Snickers FlexiWork, Stretch Waterproof Shell Jacket 

Offering superior freedom and movement this super comfy and stretchy rain jacket is designed to move with you. With a 3-layer waterproof shell that features taped seams, as well as reinforcements at the elbows, the Snickers Waterproof Shell jacket ensures enhanced weather protection and complete durability. 

Helly Hansen Brugge Jacket 

As part of the Helly Hansen workwear range, the Brugge jacket is versatile and flexible to suit all occasions. With the Helly Tech Performance coming as standard, this rain jacket is manufactured with water-resistant fabric and is designed for comfort with complete breathability.  It also has reflective elements and adjustments on the cuffs and the hem of the coat. With multiple zips and inner pockets, this coat can provide you with a great deal while travelling. 

B-Dri Nylon Waterproof Jacket 

One of the Active Workwear’s most popular ladies rain jackets due to the price and versatility. This jacket is manufactured in lightweight nylon with PVC waterproof coating. With a front zip, attached hood, and two lower front pockets, this jacket is small enough to be packed away and flexible enough to offer you the protection you need. 

Making sure that you have a good waterproof jacket that is also breathable is essential. Helping perspiration and moisture exit the jacket while stopping water from the outside getting in. 

You also need to think about how easy it is to pack and carry with your belongings. 

For the team at Active Workwear, the best rain jackets are those that offer built-in stretch, a hood, waist adjustments, pit and side zips, pockets and more. 

The range available at Active Workwear is vast, so vast that we’re confident you’ll be able to find the perfect travel rain jacket for you. 

Check our ranges out online, or call us on 0113 256 7021, we’re happy to help! 

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