What to wear with a hoodie?

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Have you ever looked deep into your wardrobe and wondered what would work well with a hoodie?  How to layer up and still look fresh and stylish? 

In this post, we look at the different clothing options that let you layer up, rock a hoodie at work, and wear your hoodie with style and confidence. 

Hoodies, for some, including the Active Workwear team, are a popular piece of clothing. 

Snickers hoodie

Suitable and just right for a range of different environments, hoodies help to provide that additional layer of warmth all while looking smart and trendy. 

For all hoodies have stuck around, clothes and indeed styles do and have changed.  However, the good news is that mixing up your style can all be achieved while still wearing your favourite hoodie! 

Ultimately, a sweatshirt with a hood, hoodies are the most versatile and diverse pieces of clothing on the market and in your wardrobe. 

Different Types of Snickers Hoodie 

Pullover – loose and baggy with drawstrings around the hood, these hoodies are perfect for a more comfortable, relaxed, and hassle-free look.  The Snickers Hoody is the most straightforward hoodie you can find. Robust, with large kangaroo pockets, this hoodie is durable and extremely comfortable. 

Zip-Up – usually a slimmer fit, these hoodies tend to give off a cleaner, neater look.  Mostly worn over a t-shirt, showing style and versatility when layering up for warmth.  The Snickers Zipped Hoody comes in a range of colours and is completely flexible. Also available is the Snickers workwear A.I.S zip fleece which adds additional layers to your clothing, making sure that you stay warm on the job.   Light and smooth, this hoodie is also stretchy and made with fleece for a softer feel and superior insulation. Overall an excellent workwear piece that can be used in combination with many different styles. 

Comfortable, creative, and an item of clothing that always keeps you looking cool, hoodies can offer it all. 

Different ways to wear a hoodie 

For Work 

Not the most conservative look, but definitely the most comfortable when the dress code is more relaxed, but you still want to look professional.  Structuring your pieces carefully is what you need. Layered under blazers with straight leg trousers and sleek heels is a style for women which is growing in popularity.  Layering with workwear jackets and coats helps to provide additional warmth and allows for a professional but more casual appearance to be portrayed. More fitted style hoodies should be selected for this style. 

Night Out 

Layered over dresses, shirts, or under a suit or leather jacket, this look can provide a great after-dark flair, and certainly keep you warm on a night out! 

Off Duty 

This is one of the easiest styles to create.  Get creative when layering your hoodie in an understated way with outerwear.  Opting for a pair of crisp trainers or flats can create the chicest of all looks. 

Street Style 

Bomber Jackets have been around for a long time.  Providing a very sleek look when layered with a pullover hoodie.  This style of jacket is never too much. Great for colder days providing excellent warmth, so you don’t need the big and bulky coat.  However, when styling with a hoodie, be careful, because of the style of the tight collar, it can pose problems when zipped up fully, making the style look a bit chunky and much more restrictive. 

Matched with track pants and trainers, hoodies can offer the ultimate streetwear look. 

Tips on how to wear a hoodie with style 

  • Experiment with layering options 
  • Leather jackets paired with a fitted hoodie can offer the ultimate sophisticated look 
  • Paired with tailored trousers, hoodies can provide a very sharp style 
  • Flannel shirts over the top of hoodies can provide you with a surprisingly new look 
  • Hair, shoes, and accessories should never be underestimated 
  • If layering with long coats and jackets, always wear formal or classy shoes 
  • Zip hoodies offer a contrast to your other pieces of clothing, helping to compliment your style 
  • Take into consideration hoodies that are full zip and half zip, as both can help provide a different appearance 

Hoodies are great at showcasing your personality and conveying who you are.  They’re a practical item of clothing which have been around for decades. 

Used more and more in the workplace because these pieces can now be styled accordingly. 

Hoodies offer great comfort, fantastic branding opportunities, and convey a much more relaxed appearance. 

Snickers workwear hoodies are some of the most popular currently on the market.  With ranges including both pullovers and zips, you will never be stuck for choice. 

Available online at Active Workwear, check out our catalogue for further details.

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