Snickers Work Shorts Range

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If you need to maintain productivity even when the mercury rises, you’ll need some workwear to keep your body temperature cool, and also allow you to work and walk freely. Snickers work shorts are durable, strong, lightweight and ideal to be worn in the summer without the need to worry about tears or rips while working. The Snickers shorts are designed with the new Twisted Leg Design in Snickers workwear, which allows free movement without any form of restriction. It also features pockets that can easily be accessed.

Snickers Work Shorts Range

Snickers shorts will surely keep you dry, cool and well-ventilated while working, as it is that carrying out a strenuous project in the peak of summer is just as dreadful as working on a cold and wet site.  

The Snickers Shorts Range 


Be prepared for a hotter working season. Snickers’ LiteWork range of work clothes offers quick-to-dry workwear to achieve cool working comfort. This range features some technological advancement that captures and releases soaked up moisture, ensures perfect ventilation in a warm climatic condition.  

These LiteWork shorts come with the Advanced KneeGuard Pro Protection, in addition to the Cordura stretch gusset in the crotch, which allows you to climb, crouch and crawl freely without fear of unexpected rips or tears, and the sturdy Cordura supports for the pockets. In any workwear situation, the LiteWork range also offers great colour choices for the user to pick, from a wide range of colours like khaki, black, navy blue, and many others.  


Snickers Clothing has entirely redesigned their work shorts with some high-end technological designs for extreme weather conditions, so as to meet the needs of their customers. These shorts are usually made from the Cordura stretch gusset material which is capable of providing the most suitable fit.  

Furthermore, these shorts have some non-essential cargo pockets, and the shorts come in varying colours too, like grey camo, black, blue camo, and navy blue, to meet the varying fashion standards of the tradesmen. In situations whereby work trousers are unbearable, this short will bring so much comfort to you.  

Rip-Stop Shorts 

This new style of Snickers shorts was launched by Snickers clothing in rip-stop material tested to be strong and are very lightweight. The shorts feature a range of pockets, Cordura reinforcements, holster pockets, compartments for your phones, and an innovative cut with the Twisted Leg design.  

As you beat the heat in grand style, you’ll look more professional at the same time. Just like the Snickers craftsmen shorts, these rip-stop shorts are also made in a range of sizes and varying colours like olive, grey, black, navy and khaki. So, don't let your workwear slow you down in the summer when you can easily go for any of the durable, innovative and reliable Snickers work shorts.   

 Although shorts aren’t the best if you have to work on your knees, fortunately, Snickers included ¾ inch “Pirate Trousers” that offers the freedom of movement and light fit of shorts in addition to the Advanced KneeGuard pouches.  

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