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Even in the middle of snowfall and gale force winds, we are, come rain or shine, heading into spring and summer, and with this in mind, workwear just like fashion, changes.

Snickers Workwear is one of the leading brands in the industry providing a range of workwear based products suitable for any trade.  

Staying cool while also staying safe with the clothing you wear is a vital part of the innovation process that Snickers go through to produce clothing that meets the requirements of skilled craftsmen everywhere. 

In this post we’re going to look at some of the latest Snickers products on the market and what makes them so suitable for the warmer weather. 

Staying safe on warm days

Work Shorts and Pirate Shorts 

Work Shorts and Pirate Shorts

Snickers FlexiWork and LiteWork, work shorts and pirate pants come in a range of styles and colours making them ideal for the warmer months.  Offering durability as well as being long-lasting, these shorts also provide the freedom to move flexibly and comfortably. 

These shorts no matter the style you choose, are all designed to keep you cool, featuring maximum ventilation, quick-drying fabric, as well as holster pockets if required for enhanced durability. 

The pirate shorts use high-tech body-mapped design with light ventilation stretch fabric to offer you extreme comfort and freedom of movement.  These heavy-duty trousers have reinforced functionality, and knee pad protection as standard. 

Ultimately, these shorts are designed with trades in mind. 

Snickers Hoodie 

Snickers Hoodie

Not quite ready to rock those short sleeves or work vests just yet, don’t panic, Snickers offer a wide range of workwear hoodies all suitable for the spring months. 

With a range of full zip, half zips and pullovers to choose from, as well as in a variety of fabrics, we’re confident there will be a hoodie to suit your style this spring! 

Essential Top Wear for that everyday contemporary look 

Essential Top Wear for that everyday contemporary look

It’s important to stay cool at work, especially during the hotter months, with heat exhaustion playing a big part in productivity levels.  Snickers have a range of tops for every occasion, from polo shirts to all-around work t-shirts, classic t-shirts, and heavy-duty t-shirts! Available in multiple colours (to suit most industries and organisations), these tops are designed for everyday wear.  They’re contemporary in look, and they are made with fabrics designed to offer anti odour and increased breathability.  

With some ranges suitable for company profiling as well as providing additional features such as multi pockets and embroidery – Snickers Workwear t-shirts offer it all. 

Stay visible on warm days 

Stay visible on warm days

It’s not just about staying visible at night or in the winter, staying safe in the summer is just as important and with high vis tops, shorts, vests, pirate shell jackets (just in case we still see some rain) now available from Snickers, there is no excuse to not stay visible in summer! 

These garments, like others, have been specially crafted using softer fabrics, offering natural ventilation and high functionality. 

Think of your feet! 

Snickers Workwear Spring Collection

Wearing big, waterproof safety boots might not be the best feature in warmer weather, making safety trainers a much more viable alternative. 

Offering all the protection, with endless cushioning and comfort, safety trainers provide your feet ultimate breathability, a great fit and complete flexibility.  With the toe cap being 40% stronger than fibreglass in some safety trainers and thinner than other non-metallic toe caps, safety trainers are lightweight and a must throughout spring and summer. 

When it comes to the hot and humid weather, for tradespeople everywhere, ventilation is the key.  To help keep productivity levels high, people need to avoid overheating, and wearing the appropriate clothing is a way to help combat this. 

Snickers Workwear is renowned for offering superior cool comfort while maintaining maximum protection at work and Active Workwear is pleased to stock some of the largest ranges of safety wear and equipment online. 

If you have any questions about head to toe protection that works, contact our team today on 0113 256 7021

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