Snickers Trousers and Workwear From Active Workwear Leeds

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These are the Snickers Workwear products currently available through the Active Workwear website:

Allroundwork Hoodie Full Zip-2890
Allroundwork Windproof Soft Shell Jacket-1205
Apache Bancroft Work Trouser Slim Fit Flex Stretch Holster and Kneepad pockets- APBANBG
Apache Flex ATS Stretch Holster Pockets Tapered Fashion Fit Flex Trouser -ATSFHT
Apollo S3 Composite S3 Safety Boot by Solid Gear -SG74002
Atlas Composite S3 Safety Shoe by Solid Gear -SG74003
Blaklader Craftsman Stretch Floorlayer Trousers (Dark Grey/Black) -1554
Bravo GTX Goretex S3 Composite Safety Boot by Soild Gear - SG75002
Falcon S3 Composite Safety Boot by Solid Gear-SG73002
Flash S3 Safety Boot by Toe Guard Steel Toe and Midsole-TG80265
Flexi Work High Vis Work Trousers Holster Pockets Class 1 - 6931
Griffin S3 Composite Safety Trainer Shoe by Solid Gear-SG73001
Hellberg Argon Clear Aniti fog/scratch Endur safety glasses-23041-001
Hellberg Argon ELC Anti Fog & scratch safety glasses-23531-001
Hellberg Argon Smoke Blue Anti fog anti scratch safety glasses-23232-001
Hellberg Argon Smoke Red AF/AS safety glasses-23333-001
Hellberg Krypton Clear Anti Fog Anti Scrath Endurance safety glasses-21041-001
Hellberg Krypton ELC AF/AS safety glasses-21531-001
Hellberg Krypton Smoke Blue AF/AS safety glasses-21232-001
Hellberg Krypton Smoke Red AF/AS safety glasses-21333-001
Hellberg Neon Clear AF/AS Safety Goggles-24034-001
Hellberg Neon Plus Clear AF/AS End Safety Goggles-25045-001
Hellberg Neon Plus Enhanced Light Coating Anti Fog anti scratch Safety Goggles-25535-001
Hellberg Secure 1 Foldable Ear Defenders-41501-001
Hellberg Secure 1 Headband Ear Defenders-41001-001
Hellberg Secure 1 Helmet mount Ear Defenders-42001-001
Hellberg Secure 1 Neckband Ear Defenders-43001-001
Hellberg Secure 2 Cap mount Ear Defenders-42002-001
Hellberg Secure 2 Foldable Ear Defenders-41502-001
Hellberg Secure 2 Headband Ear Defenders-41002-001
Hellberg Secure 2 Neckband Ear Defenders-43002-001
Hellberg Secure 3 Cap mount Ear Defenders-42003-001
Hellberg Secure 3 Headband Ear Defenders-41003-001
Hellberg Secure 3 Neckband Ear Defenders-43003-001
Hellberg Xenon OTG Clear AF/AS Over Glasses-22030-001
Hellberg Xstream Bluetooth Streaming Headband Ear Defenders-48000-001
High-Vis Class 2 Women'S T-Shirt-2537
Icon S3 Composite Safety Boot by Toe Guard -TG80470
Jumper S3 Composite Safety Boot by Toe Guard -TG80520
Litework 37.5 Work Shorts Holster Pockets-6110
Litework 37.5 Work Shorts-6112
Litework 37.5 Work Trousers Holster Pockets-6210
Litework 37.5 Work Trousers-6310
Litework Bucket Hat-9072
Litework Hybrid Wind Jacket-1948
Litework Long Sleeve T-Shirt-2411
Litework Sleeves-9453
Litework T-Shirt-2511
Phantom S3 SRC Composite Safety Shoe by Toe Guard -TG80460
Phoenix GTX Gore-Tex Composite S3 Safety Boot Boa Fastening by Solid Gear -SG80007
Polar GTX Gore-Tex S3 Composite Safety Boot Boa Closure by Solid Gear -SG80005
WX3 Technical Stretch elasticated waist Work Shorts Portwest T710
PW3 Urban Holster Kneepad Rugged Work Trousers Portwest T602
Snickers 6241 Allround Work Stretch Tapered Leg Trousers Holster Pockets
Snickers All Round 37.5 Short Sleeved Classic T Shirt - 2524
Snickers All Round ladies fleece - 8017
Snickers All Round Ladies Insulated Work Jacket - 1107
Snickers All Round ladies soft shell jacket - 1207
Snickers All Round long sleeve Cotton Tee Shirt - 2410
Snickers All Round Slim Fit Work Stretch Tapered Leg Work Trouser - 6341
Snickers All round Work 37.5 Insulated Padded Winter Trousers Hi Vis - 6619
Snickers All round Work Cotton T Shirt (Ideal for Company Profiling) - 2518
Snickers All Round Work High Vis Stretch Work Trousers Holster Pockets Class 2 - 6230
Snickers All round Work men's Trousers with Kneepad & Holster Pockets - 6201
Snickers Allround Mens Work Tool vest - 4250
Snickers Allround Stretch Work Shorts Holster Pockets - 6141
Snickers AllRound Winter Jacket-1148
Snickers Allround work 37.5 Short Sleeve Contrast polo Shirt-2724
Snickers Allround Work 37.5 Fleece Men's Working Jacket - 8004
Snickers Allround Work 37.5 Insulator Puffa Men's Jacket - 8101
Snickers Allround Work 37.5 Insulator Vest/Bodywarmer/Gillet- 4512
Snickers Allround Work 3-pack Basic Work Socks - 9211
Snickers Allround Work 4 way Full Stretch Slim Fit Work Trousers Holster Pockets-6271
Snickers AllRound Work Baseball Cap - 9079
Snickers Allround Work Canvas Stretch Trouser Holster Pockets 6224
Snickers Allround Work Canvas Stretch Work Trouser-6324
Snickers Allround Work Flannel Checked Long Sleeve Shirt-8516
Snickers AllRound Work High Vis 37.5 Insulated Jacket Class 3 - 1130
Snickers AllRound Work High Vis 37.5 Insulated Trousers Class 2 - 6639
Snickers AllRound Work High Vis Softshell Jacket Class 3 - 1230
Snickers Allround Work Softshell Work Jacket - 1200
Snickers Allround Work Stretch Denim Men's Work Shirt-8555
Snickers Allround Work Stretch Loose Fit Work Trouser Holster Pockets-6251
Snickers AllRound Work Stretch Shorts - 6143
Snickers Allround Work Windproof Reinforced Fleece Jacket - 8005
Snickers Allround Work Winter Vest-4548
Snickers AllroundWork 2-pack Wool Work Socks - 9213
Snickers AllRoundWork 37.5 Insulated Jacket - 1100
Snickers AllroundWork 37.5 Wool Mid Length Merino Wool Socks - 9215
Snickers AllroundWork Fisherman Beanie Hat - 9023
Snickers AllroundWork Kneepad Work Trousers-6301
Snickers AllroundWork Pile Full Zip Jacket-8021
Snickers AllroundWork Pile Inverted Jacket-8018
Snickers AllroundWork Polo Shirt (Ideal for Company Profiling) - 2715
Snickers AllroundWork, Printed Cotton Beanie - 9017
Snickers AllroundWork Shell Cap - 9008
Snickers AllroundWork, Softshell Jacket with Hood - 1229
Snickers AllroundWork Waterproof 2-layer Padded Trouser-6620
Snickers AllroundWork Webbing Work Belt - 9071
Snickers Baselayer LiteWork Seamless 37.5 Long Sleeved Shirt - 9418
Snickers Beanie Hat Fleece Lined - 9084
Snickers Body Mapping Full Zip Micro Fleece Work Jacket (Quick Dry) -9438
Snickers Canvas 3 Series Work Trousers with Kneepad & Holster Pockets Canvas+-3214
Snickers Carpenters Tool Pouch (Leather) - 9775
Snickers Classic work Sweatshirt with Multipockets (Heavy Duty) - 2812
Snickers Core High Vis Insulated Jacket Class 3 - 1138
Snickers Cotton Polo Shirt with Multipockets (Heavy Duty) - 2710
Snickers Craftmans Canvas+Work Shorts with Holster Pockets - 3014
Snickers Craftsmen 3 series Work Shorts with Holster Pockets Rip-Stop - 3023
Snickers Craftsmen Kneepads (Fits All Snicker Trousers) - 9110
Snickers D30 Lite Craftsmen Kneepads (fits all Snickers Kneepad Trousers) - 9112
Snickers Durable Service Overalls / Boilersuits - 6073
Snickers Duratwill Work Trousers -3312
Snickers Electricians Tool Pouch (Leather) - 9785
Snickers Flexi Full Stretch Softshell Work Jacket - 1940
Snickers Flexi hook and loop Fastener (fits Snickers pouches to trousers belt) - 9700
Snickers Flexi Work 37.5 Short sleeved Tee shirt - 2519
Snickers Flexi Work Seamless Leggings long Johns thermal Base layer - 9428
Snickers Flexi Work Seamless Thermal Short Sleeved top Shirt - 9426
Snickers Flexi Work trousers with Kneepad & Holster Pockets - 6902
Snickers Flexiwork 2.0 Slim Fit Stretch Work Trouser Holster Pockets-6944
Snickers FlexiWork All New Stretch Rip Stop Floorlayer Trousers - 6923
Snickers FlexiWork High Vis Work Trousers Holster Pockets Class 2 - 6932
Snickers Flexiwork, Seamless Balaclava - 9052
Snickers FlexiWork Seamless Long Sleeved Baselayer thermal Shirt - 9425
Snickers FlexiWork Seamless Merino Wool Long Sleeved 1/4 Zip Thermal Baselayer 9441
Snickers FlexiWork Seamless Multifunctional Snood Headwear - 9054
Snickers FlexiWork Seamless Winter Safety Helmet Liner - 9053
Snickers Flexiwork Soft Mesh Fleece Work Jacket-8042
Snickers Flexiwork Softshell Premium Stretch Work Trousers With Holster Pockets-6940
Snickers FlexiWork Stretch Fleece Beanie - 9024
Snickers FlexiWork, Stretch Fleece Beanie Printed - 9030
Snickers FlexiWork Stretch Waterproof Shell Jacket-1300
Snickers FlexiWork Stretch Work Shorts - 6914
Snickers FlexiWork Work Trousers with Kneepad Pockets - 6903
Snickers Floorlayers Kneepads (Certified Protection) Bean Bag - 9118
Snickers Hammer Holder (Ergonomic Design) Attaches to Snickers Trousers belts etc- 9716
Snickers Hi Vis Cotton Trousers with Kneepad & Holster Pockets Class 1 - 3235
Snickers Hi Vis Holster Pocket Work Shorts Class 1 (Dirt Repelling) -3033
Snickers Hi Vis Painters Trousers with Kneepad & Holster Pockets. Class 1-3234
Snickers Hi Vis Trousers Kneepad & Holster Pockets. Class 2 -3233
Snickers Hi Vis Trousers. Class 1 (Dirt Repelling) UK SUPPLIER-3833
Snickers Hi Vis Waterproof Lightweight Work Jacket. EN343 Class 3 - 8233
Snickers Hi Vis Work Trousers Kneepad Pockets Class 2-3333
Snickers Hi Vis Zipped Vest Class 2 (Multi Pockets) -9153
Snickers Hoody No Zip over the head hoodie sweatshirt - 2800
Snickers Hot Weather Craftsmen Work Trousers with Kneepad Pockets. CoolTwill - 3311
Snickers HV Light Padded Jacket Cl 2-8133
Snickers Lightweight Rain Jacket with 3M Relective strips. Waterproof - 8200
Snickers Lightweight Summer Work Trousers with Kneepad and Holster Pockets-3211
Snickers Lite Work Elasticated Work Belt 40mm for Snickers Workwear Trousers- 9018
Snickers LiteWork 37.5 Mid length Work Socks - 9217
Snickers LiteWork 37.5 Work Trousers-6307
Snickers LiteWork, 37.5® Low Work Socks - 9218
Snickers LiteWork Seamless 37.5 Short Sleeve Base layer Shirt - 9419
Snickers LiteWork Seamless 37.5 Under Wear Shorts - 9429
Snickers Logo Baseball Cap - 9041
Snickers Logo Hoodie Hoody Over the Head No Zip-2889
Snickers Logo Hoody No Zip over the head Hooded Sweatshirt - 2881
Snickers Nail & Screw Pouches (Leather) - 9795
Snickers Original 3 Series Work Trousers with Kneepad & Holster Pockets -3212
Snickers Original Floor layers Trousers Rip-Stop (made with Kevlar)- 3223
Snickers Painters Decorators Whites Cotton Trousers Kneepad & Holster Pockets -3275
Snickers Painters Whites Trousers with Kneepad Pockets. Cotton 3375
Snickers Rip Stop Cordura Light Work Trousers with Kneepad Pockets -3313
Snickers Rip Stop Cordura Work Trousers with Kneepad & Holster Pockets -3213
Snickers Ruff Work Cotton Trouser Holsters and Kneepad pockets - 6215
Snickers Ruff Work Heater Winter Hat - 9007
Snickers RuffWork, 2-pack Cordura Wool Socks - 9206
Snickers RuffWork Canvas Stretch Work Trouser Holster Pocket-6214
Snickers Service Line Work Jacket Durable and Dirt Repellent - 1673
Snickers Service Line Work Trousers with Kneepad Pockets -6801
Solid Gear Shale Low Composite Safety Trainer Shoe S3 SRCSG81008
Snickers Softshell Profiling Work Jacket Windproof, Water Repellent & Breathable - 1211
Snickers Softshell work Vest bodywarmer/gillet - 4511
Snickers Solid Gear Dynamo-SG10225
Snickers Solid Gear GRIT-SG80010
Snickers Solid Gear Haze Mars Red Trainer Shoe-SG80118
Snickers Solid Gear Haze Saturn-SG80124
Snickers Solid Gear Haze Tellus-SG80123
Snickers Solid Gear Nautilus-SG1002
Snickers Solid Gear Ocean Trainer Shoe-SG 61001
Snickers Solid Gear Sea-SG61008
Snickers Solid GearHaze Moon Grey trainer Shoe-SG80119
Snickers Waterproof Soft Shell Jacket Hood-1218
Snickers Windstopper Beanie (2 Layer-Breathable) - 9093
Snickers 3 Series Work Trousers with Kneepad Pockets Canvas plus - 3314
Snickers Workwear 1/2 Zip Pure Wool Sweater - 2905
Snickers Workwear ½ Zip Sweatshirt with multipockets - 2818
Snickers Workwear Classic Leather Belt (Hardwearing) - 9034
Snickers Workwear Classic Polo Shirt (Ideal for Embroidery) - 2708
Snickers Workwear Classic Work T Shirt 100% Combed Cotton Comfort Tee Shirt - 2502
Snickers Workwear D3O Lite New Floorlayer Kneepads - 9119 Floor Layer
Snickers Workwear Elastic Trouser Braces - 9050
Snickers Workwear Flexi Hammer Holder (Metal) - 9082
Snickers Workwear Flexi Mesh Work Fleece Hoody - 8041
Snickers Workwear Full Zip Sweatshirt Jacket-2886
Snickers Workwear Hi Vis Men's Work Jacket Hardwearing Class 3 - 1633
Snickers Workwear Hi Vis Waterproof Rain Trousers (Lightweight) Class 2 - 8243
Snickers Workwear LiteWork Seamless Thermal 37.5 Long Johns Leggings - 9409
Snickers Workwear Logo Belt with Non Scratch Buckle - 9033
Snickers Workwear Logo Trousers Braces - 9064
Snickers Workwear Logo Cotton Tee Shirt - 2580
Snickers Workwear Logo Full Zip Hoody Hoodie Hooded top -2888
Snickers Workwear Logo Full Zip Sweatshirt Jacket-2887
Snickers Workwear Long Sleeved Polo Shirt with Pocket-2608
Snickers Workwear Men's Rugby Style work Shirt-2612
Snickers Workwear Service Line Chino Trousers. Dirt Repellent & Durable - 6400
Snickers Workwear Waterproof Rain Trousers (Lightweight) - 8201
Snickers Workwear Waterproof Set jacket and trousers - 8378
Snickers Workwear Womens Classic Work T Shirt 100% Combed Cotton - 2516
Snickers Workwear Womens Work Polo Shirt Ideal for Company Profiling - 2702
Snickers Workwear Womens Zipped Hoodie Work Top with Pockets - 2806
Snickers workwear Zipped Hoody hooded sweatshirt full zip hoodie - 2801
Snickers XTR Carpenters Toolbelt with Braces (Leather Pouches)-9770
Snickers XTR D30 Craftsmen Kneepads Shock Absorbing Material - 9191
Snickers Zipped Heavyweight work Sweatshirt with Multi Pockets (Durable). - 2813
Solid Gear Evolution Black Composite S3 ESD Safety Trainer - SG80116
Solid Gear Lightweight Revolution ESD Composite Infinity S3 Safety Shoe - SG76001
Solid Gear Onyx Composite Boa Mid Safety Boot-SG81006
Solid Gear Onyx Low BOA Fastening Safety Trainer Shoe S3 -SG81005
Solid Gear Revolution 2 Boa Composite Safety Trainer Shoe ETPU S3SG76009
Solid Gear Revolution Dawn Composite Light S3 Trainer Shoe-SG76006
Solid Gear Shale Mid Height Safety Boot S3 SRC -SG81009
Solid Gear Venture Composite S3 BOA Safety Trainer Shoe-SG76007
Sparta High Leg S3 Composte Winter Safety Boot by Solid Gear -SG74001
Sprinter Composite ESD S3 metal free light Safety Trainer by Toe Guard-TG80510
Storm S3 Safety Shoe by Toe Guard Steel Toe and Midsole -TG80245
Toe Guard Wild Low ESD S3 Safety Trainer shoe -TG80530
Toe Guard Wild Mid Composite ESD S3 Safety Boot-TG80540
Vapor 2.0 S3 Safety Trainer With Boa Fastening by Solid Gear -SG80003


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