Why Should You Wear Kneepads at Work?

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Some lines of work are so physical that they create a high risk of bodily damage. For example, if you usually work on your knees for extended periods of time, you could be damaging them. It would be best if you are aware that knee treatment, such as corrective surgery, could cost you thousands of pounds.

Kneepads at Work

Fortunately, you can avoid all this by simply investing in Snickers kneepads. Let’s take a more in-depth look at work kneepads and see how they can benefit you. 

Why wear kneepads?

According to statistics, 60 per cent of knee injuries results from wear and tear of the knee. One of the most effective ways to prevent this is by using knee pads. Here are some of the benefits of knee pads:

  • Protection – While the patella protects your knee joint, the patella itself is vulnerable to fractures. A good knee pad can help minimise the impact on your knee, preventing patellar fracture.  A kneepad will also protect you from being penetrated by sharp objects like nails. Some knee pads are also designed to minimise the shock of a hard ground floor, which can seriously damage your knees over time.   
  • Money saving – Knee pads can help you save lots of money in the long run. The money you’ll spend on knee pads is very little when compared to what you would spend on treatment in the case of a knee injury.   
  • Confidence at work – When you have Snickers kneepads, you don’t have to worry about damaging your knees when you have to kneel on hard ground for extended periods of time. This helps to enhance your efficiency.   
  • Knee pads are versatile – You don’t have to wear knee pads for work only. You can also use them in various contact sports, such as football and basketball, which can result in the exertion of heavy pressure on your knees. These pads can also help to minimise the incoming damage of hard projectiles during sports.  

Another great advantage of wearing kneepads is that they can protect you from getting osteoarthritis.  

How can you get osteoarthritis? 

Osteoarthritis, usually referred to as wear and tear arthritis, involves the breakdown of cartilage in joints. While it can affect any joint in the body, it mostly affects the weight-bearing joints of the spine, hips, and knees. 

This condition makes the cartilage in a joint to become stiff. Consequently, the cartilage becomes less elastic and more vulnerable to damage. In the long run, the cartilage may wear out and lose its shock-absorbing capability. This may result in the stretching of tendon and ligaments, which can be very painful. 

If the condition is left unchecked, the bones can start rubbing against each other. The fact that injured joints are more susceptible to osteoarthritis, engaging in activities that expose the joints to damage can raise your risk.  

Therefore, it is advisable to use protective equipment such as knee pads, when engaging in activities like plumbing, tiling, floor fitting, landscaping, roofing, contact sports, etc.  

How can kneepads help you? 

Knee pads are designed to safeguard against impact and provide cushioning when kneeling. A good knee pad should stay firmly in position to ensure effective knee protection. That’s where Snickers workwear come in handy. 

Snickers Workwear is known to produce advanced industrial workwear, which provides ultimate protection and functionality at work. You can get a wide range of Snickers Workwear products, including Snickers Knee pads, at Active Workwear 

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