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Regardless of the type of work you do, undoubtedly, you want to make sure you stay as comfortable as possible during your work days. Of course, you can’t control the weather – but you can control the type of workwear you purchase

Snickers Climate Control Workwear  

For instance, modern Snickers workwear comes with Snickers Climate Control technology that enables workers in a wide range of industries to feel better, more efficient, and more comfortable in hot environments.   

What Are the Main Characteristics of Snickers Climate Control Products?  

Snickers have been manufacturing workwear for more than four decades now – and they’re getting better and better with every new collection they release thanks to their constant commitment to researching the best workwear technologies to improve the lives of workers everywhere.  

Snickers LiteWork is an entire collection designed to not only help workers stay cool during the hottest days of the year but also when working in indoor hot work environments, such as kitchens.   

The 37.5 technology associated with this collection allows the skin to breathe, keeping the workers cool and comfortable. Even more, the LiteWork collection covers for a wide range of workday needs, so you can definitely find something to suit your specific work environment.   

Some of the most popular Snickers products include the following:  

  • 6207 LiteWork, 37.5® Work Trousers Holster Pockets. These trousers are designed with holster pockets and quality knee protection, which makes them among the best Snickers for craftsmen. The 37.5 technology implemented in the manufacturing process of these trousers will allow moisture to freely “circulate,” keeping your body at an optimum temperature for a day of hard work. Flexibility, comfort, and functionality are some of these trousers best qualities.   
  • 9217 LiteWork, 37.5 Mid Socks. Keeping your feet cool and dry during the warmer days of the year is essential – which is precisely why you should consider these socks. Reinforced heels and toes make them extremely durable – but even more importantly, their manufacturing technology and their capacity to dry easily allow the skin to breathe for better comfort. 
  • 9418 LiteWork Seamless 37.5® Long Sleeve Shirt.If you’re looking for a durable and comfortable long-sleeved shirt to wear at work during the summer, this is it. The mesh ventilation in the armpit, back, and chest areas allow your skin to breathe. The 37.5 natural active-particle technology enable the moisture vapour to be released quicker. Moreover, the quick-drying fabric will make this shirt even more comfortable to wear in high temperatures!  
  • 6101 LiteWork, 37.5® Work Shorts+ Holster Pockets. Searching for a pair of work shorts that will allow you to move freely and feel comfortable even when the thermometer goes up? Consider these! The Cordura stretch gusset in the crotch area will give you plenty of freedom of movement, while the side panel design will allow for optimum weight distribution. Of course, the 37.5 technology is present here as well, making these shorts perfect for working in high-temperature environments.   
  • 6132 LiteWork High-Vis Shorts+ Class 1If you are searching for a pair of summer workwear shorts with high-visibility features, this is it. Showing all the fantastic qualities of every other piece in the LiteWork collection, these shorts are also striped with reflective tape for increased visibility, making them the perfect option when you want both safety and comfort.   

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