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Personal Protection Equipment (PPE) active workwear leeds

Personal Protection Equipment

At Active Workwear, we pride ourselves in supplying only the highest quality Personal Protection Equipment (PPE) for you or your workforce to use in the busy work environment. Having adequate protection can be vital in maintaining safety for employees, whether they are working in a factory, manufacturing or construction site environment, making sure all areas of the body are protected means accidents are reduced and the area is safe for workers and visitors alike. Ensuring Personal Safety Protective Equipment is of the highest quality will increase its longevity and its ability to do the job properly, whilst also allowing your colleagues to do the same.

Currently, our range of PPE Personal Protective Equipment covers 11 major areas, all applicable to a variety of different working environments. Currently they are: Disposable Clothing, Ear Protection, Eye Protection, Fire Retardant, First Aid, Hand Protection, Head Protection, Respiratory, Safety Signs, Skin Care and Miscellaneous. Perhaps you work in an environment where sprays or emulsions are regularly used, maybe you need adequate eye protection for employees who work with chemicals or cut metals and wood; it could be you’re looking to purchase safety signs to remind your colleagues of the correct Personal Protection Equipment that must be used. Regardless of your needs, you’re sure to find plenty of items perfect for your business, right here at Active Workwear.

Protecting yourself and your co-workers or employees from harm is an integral part of the Health and Safety Executive guidance; Personal Safety Protection Equipment is a sure-fire way to safeguard against unnecessary accidents in the workplace. If you have any queries or questions about our products or the PPE areas we supply, don’t hesitate to contact us directly.

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