Blaklader Women's Full Zip Sweatshirt - 3372



  • £53.39
    Incl. VAT: £64.07
Incl. VAT: £64.07

Discover the Blaklader Women's Full Zip Sweatshirt - 3372

  • Women's Cut: Tailored to fit the female silhouette perfectly.
  • Band Collar: Adds a stylish touch to the design.
  • Finish Wristlet: Enhances the sleeve ends for a polished look.
  • Front Closure: Features a one-way plastic zipper for ease of wear.
  • Quality Fabric: Made from 100% cotton French terry, ensuring comfort and durability at 320 g/m².
  • Functional Pockets: Front pockets with zippers provide secure storage for your essentials.

Elevate your wardrobe with this soft and comfortable sweatshirt designed specifically for women. The full zip feature, high collar, and ribbed hem and cuffs offer both style and functionality. Embrace the classic women's model with a regular fit that exudes timeless appeal.