Snickers flexiwork seamless balaclava - 9052: cold weather neck and face protector

Snickers Flexiwork Seamless Balaclava - 9052: Cold Weather Neck and Face Protector



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Incl. VAT: £37.44

Snickers Flexiwork Seamless Balaclava - 9052

  • Provides ultimate protection against cold weather
  • Designed for use under a hard hat
  • Offers warmth and weather protection
  • Soft material for great comfort
  • Light and thin for a comfortable fit
  • Covers the neck, chest, back, and shoulders
  • Mesh knit ventilation over ears for hearing ease
  • Front ventilation for easy breathing
  • Perfectly shaped to protect the chin, mouth, and nose
  • Available in sizes S/M-L/XL