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If you need to spend most of your day kneeling, you will understand the importance of using a great kneepad. In this case, adequate protection is just not going to cut it at all. You want a pad that provides plenty of cushioning, but that is also able to mould to the shape of your knee.  

Blaklader Kneepads

That’s where Blaklader Kneepads are ideal. Their clever design makes it easy to flex or bend your knee and provides ample protection when you are in the kneeling position. They will fit any of the company’s trouser with kneepad pockets designs. So, let’s find out what makes Blaklader special 


They are constructed from high-quality, dense foam that gives your knee the padding it needs to enable you to work for hours at a time. What makes the Blaklader kneepad a clever design is that it has an etched, grid design and is slightly curved.  

This enables it to be more form-fitting in the knee-area and also helps to improve your mobility. If you were to use just a standard block of high-density foam, it would provide decent protection but would make it difficult for you to bend your knee. 

The inflexibility of the medium, in this case, is overcome by the etched grid design. The grooves run horizontally and vertically to ensure that you have maximum mobility. They do feel substantial on your knees and adhere better than other options.  

When we say adhere, we don’t mean that they are sticky or anything, only that they don’t slip around in the pocket as much as other brands that we tested. This is a big plus because you don’t want your protection slipping out of its proper position at the last possible moment.  

This product is made of polyethene that is 20mm thick. It measures 207mm x 180mm and will fit into any of the kneeling pockets on any of the trousers designed by the same company. If you have another brand of trousers, you can easily trim these to fit.  

If you do use them in conjunction with the company’s longs marked with a CE-label, they are certified according to EN 14404, performance level 1, type 2.  

They are lightweight enough that you can carry them in your bag when going to and from the job site. When you need them, just pop them into the requisite pockets, and you are ready to get to work. 


When it comes to protecting your knees, you cannot take any chances. Damaging this sensitive area could mean having to put up with the pain for the rest of your life. Aside from that, kneeling for long periods of time without protection is pretty uncomfortable. 

If you are doing a high precision job, you cannot afford the distraction. That’s why it is a good idea to use a good set of pads. Blaklader is a trusted name in the industry and offers great quality protection that won’t let you down. 

Add to that a price that is very affordable, and it’s easy to see why this company is so popular when it comes to safety gear 

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