Everything You Need to Know About Cut-protective Work Trousers

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In industrial or on-field jobs, there are one thing workers cannot overlook – the importance of safety. Lack of safety measures in industrial, commercial, construction or other industries can result in life-threatening risks. Presence of big machines, powerful tools and other equipment on site makes the workers vulnerable to risks. So, workers must wear protective clothing designed for their work processes and tools they use. One of the common protective workwear is cut-protective work trousers.  

Cut Protective Work Trouser

What are cut-protective workwear trousers? 

Cut-protective workwear trousers are safety wear for workers who are vulnerable to leg and foot injuries. Several jobs like cutting woods or operating heavy machinery expose the leg of a person to risk of injury. A cut-protective work trouser is designed to reduce these risks. Mostly these trousers are abrasion and cut resistant and are designed to provide maximum protection. Depending on the job a person does, they need to choose a performance level of the cut protective trouser.   

Why do you need cut-protective trousers? 

Workers operating in construction, mechanical and other industries use equipment that has blades, sharp edges and more. The cut protective workwear trousers are innovatively designed to protect the legs of the workers from injuries resulting from the sharp edges, blades, glass plates and more. These are made using a knitting technology that gives elasticity to the trouser in all directions.  With these trousers, chances of sustaining injuries are significantly reduced. 

Conventional fabrics used to create work gear do not offer any protection against chainsaw and other equipment and tools. Cut protective trousers work on a number of factors. They combine protective quality with comfort, easy to use and flexibility. Striking this balance ensures that the workman can continue his job at ease while staying protected from accidents. 

Cut protective trousers are usually of 2 types 

  1. Trousers that offer protection to the only front area of the leg. 
  2. Trousers that offer all round protection of the leg. 

Most of these trousers are made from hardwearing cotton on the outer side to give resistance and protection.  Some of the trousers are also reinforced with heavy-duty nylon for better protection. If your work environment involves much heat, you need the protective trousers to be highly insulating. If this care is not taken, it may cause heat stress to the worker wearing the trouser. Few cut protective trousers also have concealed hooks and bar fastening at waistband. Some trousers also come with side swing pockets. There is also high visibility cut protective trousers that come in perfect style and bright colours to ensure visibility. These trousers have reflective bands of around each leg that glow in darkness. 

It is important for companies manufacturing cut protective trousers to pay special attention to the ventilation provided by the fabric. Cut-protective trousers need to be light-weighted and they must be properly ventilated. They also need to meet the standards set by European Safety department. Trusted shops like Active Workwear offers a high-quality cut protective trousers for workers’ safety. 

Robust, breathable and durable, cut-protective trousers are an important workgear for labours and other on-field workers. 

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