Face mask protection against COVID 19

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The latest guidance from government officials identifies that disposable gloves, face masks, disposable aprons, and even some form of eye protection are great forms of PPE in the fight against protecting people from the spread of Coronavirus.

Safety considerations to make your workplace Covid-19 safe

When it comes to face masks in particular, there is now a range of COVID masks available, and depending on your job role and the situation you are faced with, it will depend on the particular protective mask you will require.

In this post, we look at suitable face masks and respirators and the differences between the two.

Face Masks for Coronavirus

Both standard face masks and respirators vary in their intended use, fit against a person’s face, and their approval standards and CE kite marks.

For example, your everyday facemasks and disposable face masks can be used in all day to day situations – and are currently a must-have when using public transport.

These masks are typically loose-fitting and cover both your nose and mouth.

They are primarily intended to protect others when you are out and about, protecting people from potentially harmful bacteria.

These standard COVID face masks are not individually sized and fitted, so they wouldn’t pass the fit test standard. However, they are ideal for single-use (maximum wear of 2- 3 hours is recommended), and they should be disposed of properly after use.

Surgical face masks that fall into this category and are widely used by the health sector must still go through specific quality control procedures. These can include checking the bacterial filtration efficiency, breathing resistance, splash resistance, and microbial cleanliness.

In these instances, surgical face masks must come from reputable manufacturers and be CE kitemarked and approved.

Respiratory masks, however, are coded. These codes include FFP1, FFP2, and FFP3 under current regulations and guidelines, where the higher the FFP number, the higher the level of protection the respirator provides.

Respirators, unlike ordinary face masks, are tight-fitting, creating a seal almost around the face.

There are also different types of respirators available such as valve and non-valve (provides two-way protection by filtering inflow and outflow).

These masks are tested on their filtration efficiency and breathing resistance. It is noted that valve respirator masks are much more comfortable to wear as people using this type of mask often find you can exhale air quicker and easier.

Respirator masks should be disposed of appropriately and replaced in a timely fashion when they no longer provide an effective seal around the face, or if you notice that breathing becomes more difficult and laboured when wearing the mask.

The type of face-covering you wear does matter!

It has been reported that respiratory masks will provide the highest level of protection against the spread of Coronavirus, however, these aren’t necessary for everyone, and for everyday use, as they simply aren’t a practical solution.

Social distancing remains the best method to help keep transmission rates low. With standard surgical face masks being used when in high traffic areas, travelling on public transport, within certain job roles, and when social distancing isn’t an option.

Ultimately, face coverings help reduce the transmission of COVID 19, with the tighter fit around the face offering the most protection.

It’s important to note that face masks must be put on and removed safely too.

For example, you should clean your hands thoroughly before putting a face mask on, and face masks should be removed by using the elastic tags that loop over your ears.

The face mask itself shouldn’t be touched.

5log face mask

One of the most popular types of face coverings currently on the market is the 5log face masks, due to the inclusion of Livinguard Technology.
ew hours!

Ultimately, they inactivate the exhaled viruses – they become self-disinfecting!

Providing you with the best available protection against bacteria and viruses, 5log face masks are up there in terms of quality, comfort, and protection.

These face coverings have passed several high standard quality tests and are proven to be safe for the skin, making them a great option during the current COVID 19 out-break.

Active Workwear is pleased to offer the 5log Livinguard reusable face masks, with the self-disinfecting fabric killing germs and viruses on contact.

This face mask is also a triple-layer filter; it has been tested against Coronavirus and is reusable for approximately 7 months when washed weekly.

For all of our latest PPE, face masks, and respirator equipment check our product pages online, or call us on 0113 256 7021, we’d be happy to help.

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