Five Reasons Why Hi-Visibility Clothing is Important

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High-visibility clothing is a type of personal protection equipment (PPE) most of the population is more than familiar with as it is common practice for a wide range of roles. At Active Workwear, we specialise in hi-vis clothing, offering hi-vis accessories, gloves and waterproofs, in addition to the usual tops and jackets, shorts and trousers, coveralls.

As the popularity of hi-vis clothing rises, so does some people’s mocking of health and safety ‘gone mad’. But this topic is not us making a fashion statement. For a multitude of reasons, in so many industries, this type of workwear is of great importance.


The most obvious reason for wearing hi-vis workwear is that for most industries that don these items, it is a legal requirement. This comes from European legislation, that states safety workwear must be conspicuous in form and reflective in nature. However, even with concerns of Britain’s departure from the EU, hi-visibility clothing is governed by British Standard: BS EN 471. The CE kite mark also shows that the hi-vis clothing meets the essential rigorous quality requirements.


Hi-visibility clothing sends a message to the world about the employees within a company, as well as the organisation as a whole. It says they are professional, reliable and respectful of rules. Therefore, people are more likely to put their trust in a company that fully equips its staff with all the necessary workwear.


An especially significant note for those working in larger companies, with a big workforce, and in areas where there may be a mixture of people from different sectors, or when working within settings where the general public are present. To be able to identify staff and authorised personnel at any location. The public, and any outside visitors will be able to identify staff members, which can be important at goods inwards or security gates. It can also create a sense of unity within the team, and broadly promote a company’s identity, where hi-vis tops and vests should be worn, at the very least.


The main purpose for wearing hi-visibility clothing is the safety it offers its wearers. It is proven to prevent accidents and fatalities in potentially dangerous environments, especially where there are large vehicles moving around, such as construction and industrial areas. This is exactly where the legal requirements come in. At Active Workwear, we also provide trousers, shorts, and coveralls in a range of colours (yellow, orange, red, black, blue) for use in different lighting.

Extra Protection

People work in jobs needing hi-vis solutions come rain or shine. For cold weather, we have a variety of hi-vis jackets in stock. This means you can focus on the job in hand, confident you will be both fully visible and warm. Additionally, we have hi-vis waterproofs, including both jackets and trousers, available in yellow, orange, black, and blue.


If you have any further question on our range of hi-visibility clothing, you may like to view our help page of FAQs, or get in contact in person, or online.

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