Top 40 Websites that Keep Your Workforce Safe and Your Company Protected

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If you’re on the look-out for practical and useful guides when it comes to Health and Safety, you’ve come to the right place.   

Below is Active Workwear’s cream of the crop when it comes to the 40 best health and safety websites and blogs currently online.  

As you’ll be aware there is no shortage of blogs out there focusing on health and safety, it is a HUGE area, and for businesses as well as individuals a costly area at that, but we have handpicked the best of the best and featured them here.  

Whether you’re a multi-million-pound business wanting to tackle the cost of ill health to your bottom line.  Or a small company wanting to know about Health and Safety for beginners; these websites will provide you with information on how to be compliant with Health and Safety Law, avoid hefty fines and costs, tackle workplace injuries and ill health (which equated to £15 billion in 2016/17) and much more.  

Starting off our list is:

1. Health and Safety Executive 

Making sure that everyone remains safe and well at work is the Health and Safety Executive.  Helping to prevent work-related death, injury, and ill-health by providing free guidance and advice.  The Health and Safety Executive is the go-to site if you’re looking for updates on legislation, current regulation and enforcing Health and Safety.  

Not only do they shape regulation and produce vital research, but they also provide up-to-date health and safety related news, regular events to find out more, and bulletins which you can subscribe to and which provide valuable, practical information.  With a range of different guidance documents available to download and use, free of charge - protecting workers, supporting business – should be the Health and Safety Executive’s motto! 

Visit to find out more 

2. Occupational Health & Safety 

OH&S is one of the best safety resources available online.  Their prestigious magazine has won multiple awards and accolades over the years as it continues to provide a wealth of information, news and updates on the best protective apparel to training webinars on how to manage risk and safety within the workplace.  Updated regularly and articles and training videos on a variety of issues, Occupational Health and Safety can certainly provide you with the answers to your H&S questions. 

What’s more, readers are encouraged to get involved with comments sections proudly placed at the end of each article/webinar opening up further discussion and networking. 

Check them out at

3. For Construction Pros 

Never miss a thing with the latest construction news brought to you by, For Construction Pros.  Reporting on new and safer construction equipment to technology and equipment management, For Construction Pros are, in our opinion, at the top of their game when it comes to providing you with the best construction information and updates. 

With more content available than sand in the Sahara Desert, For Construction Pros offer a range of resources, from a number of different types of videos to their subscription-based magazine and newsletters to events and webinars.  

Stay up to date and know what’s going on in your industry visit:

 4. EHS Today 

EHS has projected itself into the limelight as a company to be associated with by they themselves recognising and showcasing their choice of the safest companies every year.  Renowned for offering e-books on safety training alongside their regular news updates and posts, you’ll also find webinars, white papers, training sessions available to book, and conferences to attend. 

With their safety news covering workplace best practices, management practices, risk management, safety leadership and safety trends, ultimately, EHS is one of the top sites to provide Health and Safety professionals with the information you need to know in a format that suits your style. 

You can find them at

5. Safety & Health Magazine 

With over 86,000 subscribers to their comprehensive magazine alone, not considering their online viewers, Safety & Health Magazine offers the very latest occupational safety news and analysis when it comes to industry trends.  With national coverage, this magazine is used as a go-to resource for those wanting to keep on top of Health and Safety news, as well as those looking for safety tips and general safety information. 

You’ll also find a number of top workplace solutions online, as well as recommended products to purchase, such as protective clothing and lighting for example, as well as safety guides to download and free webinars to attend. 

Follow them online at:

6. Industrial Safety and Hygiene News 

The Industrial Safety and Hygiene News highlights industrial safety at its core, with thought-provoking articles, news, and opinion pieces.  With tips and advice on what makes a great safety leader, weekly news round-ups as well as carrying awards such as being the reader’s choice winners – Industrial Safety and Hygiene News is a great asset to all leaders and managers in the safety field. 

With a focus on big industries such as construction and oil and gas, you can examine just what a safety culture could and should look like as well as connect with their worldwide site, with their international focus and reach. 

A recommended site for all safety leaders -

7. Safety & Health Practitioner 

If you’re a Health and Safety Practitioner or in some way involved with the profession/engaged in the discipline, then you need the Safety & Health Practitioner.  Covering all aspects of Health and Safety that you need to make your job easier – from digital guides, resources, and Safety and Health expo trends and highlights – this site is completely practical, filled with actionable content and value to any H&S practitioner. 

What’s more their latest news and blog posts are split into distinctive areas to help further, areas such as Culture and Behaviour, Occupational Health, Training and Careers, Workplace Hazards, Fire and Emergency and more! 

Looking to improve your knowledge and workplace safety agenda?  Check out -

8. Fisher Philips 

If it’s the legal side of Health and Safety you’re looking for, then Fisher Philips is the right site for you.  With experience and professional judgement on their side, Fisher Philips mission is to help you to protect your bottom line.  Providing excellent analysis and insight into OSHA inspections and litigation and safety compliance.  The information provided is written by attorneys in the field of Health and Safety in the workplace. 

The services Fisher Philips can provide is vast, from legal alerts, articles, regularly updated blogs, subject matter booklets, law guides and more, keeping abreast of Health and Safety legislation doesn’t have to be challenging with Fisher Philips on your side. 

Check them out online at


A service provided for individuals, stands by its mission to prepare individuals to make decisions that affect them and their family confidently.  With well researched and unbiased content covering everything from family safety to identity theft and medical safety.  This is the go-to site for consumers. 

If you’re looking for advice and information on issues regarding medical safety, identity theft, family safety, fire safety, computer safety and a whole host of other consumer safety measures, then is the site for you. 

Visit -

10. ULH

As part of the premier global independent safety science company UL EHS is not only sustainable, but they also empower organisations to protect workers, limit the element of risk, enhance overall output; while ensuring full safety compliance coupled with positive results.  

Working with over 2,000 organisations worldwide, this is a company built upon trust.  With systems, support, success stories, Occupational Health, products, and training on offer, this site is amazing if you’re looking to be part of a bigger safety community. 

Check them out online at

11. British Safety Industry Federation 

As the leading association of the Personal Protective Equipment Directive, BSIF is a competent authority in Health and Safety matters.  If you’re looking for representation at the highest level, then you’re sure to receive it with the British Safety Industry Federation.  

Offering the opportunity to have a voice in the world of Health and Safety, and to be part of shaping legislation rather than it being put upon you, is why BSIF make our list of top 40 websites.  

With authoritative information on hand, the opportunity to interact and meet other like-minded members and individuals, BSIF make the Health and Safety sector a positive force. 

Interested in getting involved?  Check them out here -

12. Health & Safety at work 

Health and Safety at Work are ESSENTIAL for all Health and Safety professionals.  Their focus is about keeping you and your company out of court and how to avoid those hefty fines and prosecutions!  With updated information and case study examples Health & Safety at Work is a leader in its field.  

It’s also the official magazine of the International Institute of Risk and Safety Management.  Read by over 20,000 Health and Safety professionals every month, it is currently the highest paid for Health and Safety publication out there, earning itself a very esteemed place on our list! 

Visit -

13. High-Speed Training 

If it’s training, you’re looking for; we recommend High-Speed Training when it comes to Health and Safety courses to suit all your needs.  Boasting over 1 million learners accredited with their certificates, these online training courses are highly practical, designed with individuals as well as companies in mind, and you don’t have to leave the comfort of your office to take part.  

Certifying big companies such as Jamie’s Italian, and Waterstones, to name a few, their Health and Safety certifications include, Asbestos Awareness, Work at Height, Level 3 Certificate in Health and Safety Training and much more. 

Check them out online now at

14. Prospect 

Representing over 142,000 workers across the UK is the renowned and firmly established Prospect.  Prospect is a trade union who quite simply, are there for you, the individual.  They act as your voice, and they play a very active role when it comes to their part in Health and Safety, making sure their members are continually protected.  For this they deserve recognition, as an organisation that makes you feel like they’ve got your back, no matter the circumstances, prospect offers advice and support, but most importantly representatives who listen. 

Thinking about joining?  Check them out at

15. International Workplace 

Want real innovation when it comes training?  Especially on a sometimes-dry subject such as Health and Safety and the elements that this includes - then International Workplace is just for you.  

These guys have not only grown their offer within the Health and Safety community, but they've also gone from strength to strength over the years, always at the forefront and leading change when it comes to training, development and providing information.  With many awards and accolades to support them, the diverse range of training on course subjects, learning portfolios, and their links to Awarding Bodies, certainly makes International Workplace stand out for us. 

To find out more visit

16. Safety Risk 

A personal blog from industry professional, Dave Collins, Safety Risk, offers Health and Safety advice and information in a style that is suited to everyone.  With some of the world’s foremost safety and risk psychology experts writing regularly for them, the information available online is guaranteed to make you think, what’s more, the advice is also to the point, and unlike some blogs we come across on our search, Safety Risk cuts out all of the BS.  

Providing a source of inspiration, the passion when it comes to teaching others about the psychology of risk and other safety paradigms is visible, and for us, it made quite a refreshing change. 

Follow them online at

17. Health and Safety for Beginners 

If you’re just starting out in the world of Health and Safety, then following this blog is a no-brainer.  With tips, forums for discussion, the ability to ask your questions, as well as Health and Safety document downloads – and even a jobs board – this blog offers something for everyone.  

HSfB supports over 100,000 visitors to their site every month with pages upon pages of free information, including free templates which you can download and tailor to your workplace – this site really is a great resource tool for beginners. 

If you’re looking to share best practice, look online at -

18. Atlantic 

Of course, one of the top suppliers of employee training solutions has made our list of top 40 Health and Safety websites.  With Atlantic’s primary focus on providing training solutions to create a better, more secure, and safety conscious work environment – it’s something we can all get behind.  All of their training content and materials are created by safety professionals, for safety professionals, and with over 10,000 different training programmes, all designed around different company and individual needs, training available in various formats, and acting as a one-stop shop for Health and Safety training, this is what really sets Atlantic apart.  

Oh, and they also boast some big-name clients too, such as Pepsi, bp, and GlaxoSmithKline, to name a few! 

Check them out at

19. RosPA Workplace Safety Blog 

This workplace safety is not only a registered charity, but its ultimate aim is to raise awareness and highlight the importance and impact of Health and Safety – helping to change both legislation and attitudes surrounding accidents.  This blog is indeed one to turn to if you’re looking for captivating and inspirational opinion pieces, as well as professional advice and guidance.  The information is also provided by safety professionals, making their information act as the ultimate resource for anyone associated within the field of Health and Safety.  

Covering a wide range of safety topics, RosPA has information for experienced Health and Safety professionals, those just starting out in the field, (or those at University looking for help and guidance on their exams), as well as those looking for a possible career change.  Ultimately, RosPA is dedicated to supporting a safer working culture for everyone.  

Visit them online at

20. SHEilds  

Our list of top 40 Health and Safety websites would not be complete if it didn’t include one of the largest NEBOSH Health and Safety providers globally, SHEilds.  With eLearning courses all professionally accredited and recognised, if you’re looking to boost your career, your knowledge, and your skills in Health and Safety, then SHEilds offer some great courses.   

With a global reach, flexible and cost-effective, the training can be suited to your needs.  If you work in Health and Safety and you’re looking for a platform to build your knowledge and skills, then SHEilds can offer you that springboard.  

Check their offer online:

21. RRC International 

RRC International is one of the most highly respected blogs online.  Why?  Because their news and views are provided by tutors, those that have experience of the Health and Safety industry, as well as the knowledge and skill.  They also open up the opportunity for you to get involved in the discussion around specific topics and areas and as well as being based in the UK, they also have an international reach.  Providing specialist information when it comes to Health and Safety as well as study tips for those looking to qualify in specific aspects of Health and Safety.   

For excellence and innovation, RRC International certainly make our list.  

Visit -

22. Safety at Work Blog  

An all-round top blog when it comes to providing award-winning news, commentary and opinion pieces on Workplace Health and Safety.  Kevin Jones is at the heart of the workplace safety blog, writing and editing for Safety and Work Blog for over ten years – achieving several Australian and US awards when it comes to providing an essential source of safety news and analysis.   

If you’re looking to find out what’s going on in the industry, check in on an event you may have missed, or hear interviews carried out with industry professionals, then the Safety at Work blog and their podcasts is the place to achieve all of this and more.  

Follow the professionals online at

23. OSHA Law Blog  

If you want, or need, to keep up-to-date with Health and Safety Law then the OSHA law blog is where it is at.  Providing you with the latest developments in workplace safety and health law, enforcement news, updates on regulations, and strategic plans and outlines – gain valuable insight and void those fines and prosecutions with OSHA Law Blog.  

With attorneys providing practical advice and guidance on all aspects of workplace safety and health you can rest assured that your safety matters are in safe hands and the information you take away is not only valuable, but correct. 

Follow their blog at

24. Phoenix health & safety  

The Phoenix health and safety blog is the obvious choice if you’re looking for hassle-free guidance and advice through what can be considered as the minefield of Health and Safety legislation.  Be in control of your learning with the leading provider of Health and Safety training courses and a blog that highlights industry news and real-life case studies.  

Case studies covering safety issues that have gone wrong, and Phoenix’ solutions and advice on how such situations can and could have been avoided.  

Check out, to find out more.  


We at Activewear love this blog because it quite simply provides straightforward, actionable advice, all covered concisely through their blog (which they can then go on to tailor their training programmes too).  Astutis is also now one of the fastest growing providers of HSE services.   

With regular updates to their blog, their monthly news round-ups also help to add more depth and practical advice to take away.  Information on their site is also split for both individuals and businesses, making it perfectly tailored to your needs.  

Check them out online at:

26. Safety Differently  

Safety Differently is a blog that stuck out for us as it looks to challenge the safety “norm.”  Its aim is ultimately its title, in that they challenge individuals to look at safety differently, using advancements in technology, science and more.   

Safety Differently encourage collaboration and contributions and for all some challenges when it comes to safety may not work, it is interesting to see the different directions safety can go and those solutions or suggestions that certainly make us think twice.  

Get involved in the discussion online at

27. Blog4safety  

To lay our safety concerns to rest, we follow the work safety blog.  A blog that provides short, to the point updates that promote safety.  Covering everything from head protection to protective clothing, weather protection and more.  With posts published on a regular basis, this is a one-stop shop, and a great online resource for safety information, safety tips, and safety compliance.  

You can find Blog4Safety across a number of social media channels too, such as LinkedIn, Facebook, Twitter and YouTube.  The website also provides a number of helpful safety-related third-party websites, which viewers may also find useful.  

Check the blog out at

28. Speaking of Safety  

Discussions and debates about Health and Safety in the workplace start with Speaking of Safety.  This blog pretty much covers it all, from Health and Safety solutions to managing risk.  But what we like about this blog is the personal stories.  Stories that act as a stark reminder of why we have so much Health and Safety legislation and the importance of getting this right.  

An excellent resource if you want to stay up-to-date with what others in the industry are talking about.  

Check out their blog at

29. HCS Safety  

HCS Safety offers you a link with some of the best safety consultants around.  Whether you subscribe to their down-to-earth blog, take one of their accredited courses, or join them as part of their membership services – for those working in Health and Safety and looking to connect with like-minded individuals, this is the place to achieve just that.  

HCS Safety also provide consultants to help businesses and individuals stay safety compliant, offering advice and practical solutions as well as inspections and audits.  HCS Safety can offer both a hands-on or a light touch approach when it comes to Health and Safety.  

Visit them at

30. EazySAFE  

If you’re looking to match what you put into Health and Safety vs. what you get out of it, then EazySAFE can help.  From training to consultancy to inductions, for professionals in the industry or those just getting started EazySAFE can provide you with stable foundations in order to grow.  

For safety training that is never dull but instead fun, engaging and memorable then check out EazySafe today.  All information provided is written and produced by safety content experts, who are also members of NISO and IOSH.  Always up to date and relevant, EazySafe for us provides you with that high-quality training experience.  

Check them out at

31. Just Safety  

Sensible, cost-effective and experienced are the three words that we would use, to sum up Just Safety.  With experience across every sector, we know that Just Safety is a team that will be able to support any business or individual.  Whether it is to act as an extension to your Health and Safety team or to produce and carry out risk assessments and carry out audits – Just Safety is known for their experience and knowledge in safety management.    

They also offer an excellent Health and Safety FAQ section if you do have a specific question and you’re in need of a quick and correct response.  

View Just Safety online at

32. Just Health and Safety  

Just Health and Safety is an excellent website if you’re looking for, quite simply, some common sense, to the point information – information provided without the waffle and without all of the red tape.  Assisting small and medium-sized businesses Just Health and Safety are unique in that they aim to provide you with enough confidence in Health and Safety so that you can go it alone, without the need for an external agency.  Guiding you through Health and Safety Law and Codes, through their consultancy services, downloads, and a regularly updated blog, Just Health and Safety is great for those who would like an expert set of eyes cast over actions and procedures.  

You can check them out at

33. Risk Assessment Ltd  

The team at Risk Assessment Solutions are the ones who really get under the skin of your business, getting to the real nitty-gritty.  Risk Assessment help to identify issues relating to Health and Safety and fire risks, and then put in place solutions to fix them.  What’s unique is that the team will not just suggest the solution, but they will also source what is needed and then follow the solution through until completion.  With training available in Health and Safety practices, fire evacuation and industrial fire, as well as a regularly updated blog, Risk Assessment is one that should always be on a Health and Safety professionals’ radar.  

Interested in finding out more?  Visit: 

34. Walker Health & Safety Services  

When it comes to toeing the very thin line when it comes to Health and Safety Laws, our list would not be complete without the mention of Walker Health & Safety Services blog.  With regular updates, all focused on what your duty is when it comes to Health and Safety and providing a wealth of practical advice, this blog has something for everyone and is the ideal website if you’re looking for long-tailed blog posts, where you can take the away the information they provide, learning from it and using it as part of your business practices.  

Find out more at

35. Securus Health and Safety  

Making our list just like them, sleek and smart, Securus helps safety professionals become the best they can be, by providing expert consultancy and coaching.  Helping Health and Safety professionals stay engaged, measure up against others in the industry and for organisations to create a more person-centred approach to managing Health and Safety is what drives Securus to our list of top 40 websites.   

With training courses, IOSH approved coaching, latest news and podcasts, if you’re looking to develop a culture of safety, Securus could be the team for you.  

Visit them at

36. Hundred Acre  

An expert opinion is most certainly what you will receive from the diligent and experienced Health and Safety experts at Hundred Acre.  Hundred Acre offers flexible Health and Safety solutions to make sure you fulfil your legal and moral obligations.   

Through their audit service as well as their consultants, plus with training and support designed around keeping others safe, as well as providing a blog which unlike others in the industry, Health and Safety professionals of all levels can relate to - Hundred Acre is a blog, and a Twitter handle to follow.  

Follow them online at

37. Sure Team  

If you’re looking for proactive, expert advice and support, then look no further than Sure Team.  We’ve highlighted these guys as a team that takes the stress out of Health and Safety, letting you get on with the day job!  Proactive in preventing Health and Safety failures, Sure Team, sure does provide straightforward, practical solutions.  All information is fit for purpose and ensures full compliance with Health and Safety legislation.  With a wide range of Health and Safety services including COSHH Assessments and Training, Health and Safety Risk Assessments, ISO Systems, Health, and Safety Resources and more, seek the advice and training Sure Team provide.  

Check them out online at

38. Good to Go Safety  

Encouraging best practice for working environments, Good to Go Safety uses real-life, everyday instances and articles explicitly designed for Health and Safety Professionals.  This blog highlights safety incidents and breaches of the law that can be avoided.   

Good to Go Safety also provides a range of videos for reference as well as inspection checklists to suit all needs.  You’ll also find industry updates as well as some of the latest products to make your workplace safer.  Good to Go Safety, is a good place to start if you’re looking to keep your Health and Safety matters on the right foot.  

To watch some of their online videos visit,

39. What No safety?  

As one of Wiltshire’s leading Health and Safety consultancies, What no Safety, offers assessments, training, and courses structured to you.  A comprehensive blog that tackles a number of relatable Health and Safety issues, What no Safety assists businesses across a broad spectrum of industries with their Health and Safety compliance.   

With a wealth of experience and specialisms in Health and Safety Management, Health and Safety Training, Health and Safety Advice, Safety Auditing as well as providing assessments, training and structured courses, What no Safety is on hand to provide exactly what Health and Safety professionals need.  

Check them out online at

40. Safety Now  

Run by an experienced Health and Safety professional, Moira Gelman, Safety Now provides comprehensive information and Health and Safety services for both local and international clients.  NEBOSH accredited training courses, bespoke in-house training and e-learning are all services on offer with Safety Now.  With top tips, news stories, and safety topics making up just some of the blog posts online, Safety Now certainly provides food for thought and thought-provoking debate when it comes to Health and Safety in the workplace.  


Thank you for reading through our list of Top 40 Health and Safety blogs and websites.  With so much information online, these sites, we think you’ll agree provide a great wealth and breadth of information when it comes to Health and Safety.  



Awards Badge  

Active Workwear Top Health and safety blogs badge

To say thank you to every single organisation which we’ve mentioned above, those that provide us with updated news, thought-provoking Health and Safety analysis, training and consultancy that keeps us compliant – below, we have provided you with our winner’s badge.   

A badge which can proudly be displayed on your blog or website – copy the code we’ve provided below and paste it into a code block on your sidebar, footer or resource page.  

If you enjoyed reading our list as much as we enjoyed putting it together, then please share the information and link to this on your posts. 

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