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Safety boots and Apache steel toe cap Safety boots are one of the best items of protective footwear found within the PPE range. 

The purpose of this type of footwear is to protect you, your feet and your toes from any falling objects, or large amounts of pressure that could potentially be placed or dropped onto the feet. 

Keeping Your Feet Safe with Apache Steel Toe Cap

They do this by providing a protective reinforcement in the toe area, where the toe cap is combined with a midsole plate, helping to protect against punctures from below. 

Apache footwear is pieces of personal protective equipment that work across all industries and are suitable for a wide range of job roles. 

Designed to last, designed to protect 

All steel toe cap boots must go through strict tests to ensure they meet the highest of industry standards. 

However, when it comes to choosing the best safety footwear for you, what’s best steel toe cap boots or composite? 

Below we’ve provided some of the pros and cons of both as well as highlighting some of the key differences. 

Steel toe boots are the original foot protection among workers, providing maximum protection against any impact that might be sustained. 

Steel toe boots can withstand a great deal of pressure and slightly more than that of composite boots. They’re also tried, tested, and have been around for years. 

However, it’s important to note; steel toe boots are not recommended for those working around live electricity. And as they are bulkier and more cumbersome, they aren’t great in hot conditions as steel is also a conductor of heat. 

Composite toe boots are the latest safety footwear on the market. They are proving popular as these boots offer protection using non-metal materials, such as fibreglass, carbon fibre, and even plastic. 

The advantages of the composite are that they’re lightweight and, if we’re honest, a lot more comfortable and practical. 

However, they do cost a lot more to manufacture! 

Today, there is a range of styles and designs to choose from, and due to growing demands, brands have certainly stepped up their game in the safety boot ranges they now offer. 

Benefits of safety boots 

  • Steel is strong and durable so your feet will always be protected 
  • Boots are also cost-effective, especially when you think of the cost of not wearing them 
  • They are also flame resistant and waterproof, making them ideal when working outside or with hazardous and flammable materials 
  • Some boots also provide features such as anti-static, anti-slip, puncture resistance, cut-resistance, oil resistance, shock absorption, and much more! 

Ultimately, however, the main benefit of safety boots is that they provide workers with the right level of protection to keep feet and toes safe! 

Legal Requirements 

EN ISO 20345 – is the standard for all work footwear designed after 2011. 

This standard sets out the requirements for all safety footwear.  Identifying the elements that they must be manufactured to, including the appropriate toe protection.  

Markings on the boot label should indicate the standards the boots are intended to meet, helping to identify the level of protection offered, and the suitability for the job role being performed. 

These markings can include impact and compression ratings: 

Impact ratings – what the boot can protect against i.e., a 1/75 impact, means that the boot can withstand an impact of 75 pounds. The minimum requirement is 1/50. 

Compression ratings – this is the number of loads the boots can withstand before cracking or breaking, i.e., a C/75 will protect against compressive loads of 2,500 pounds. 

Apache Clothing 

Apache workwear is one of the most well-known workwear brands worldwide. 

Through Active Workwear, Apache offers a range of steel and composite boots and trainers suitable for a wide range of job roles across a variety of sectors. 

Some of the most popular pieces of Apache workwear include: 

  • Apache Safety Work Boots – Steel toe cap and composite midsole 
  • Apache black leather, mesh, safety trainer, 
  • Apache steel toe waterproof, all-terrain safety boot 
  • Apache leather waterproof rigger boots 
  • Apache kick safety trainers with a moisture-wicking lining 
  • Apache leather water-resistant safety shoe 

For further information on PPE workwear and to find out more about our products online, call 0113 256 7021 or check out our full catalogue online. 

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